Inked: Tattoo Card Reveal by Jordan Johnson

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Inked: Tattoo Card Reveal by Jordan Johnson

Postby Steve V » September 6th, 2008, 12:32 am

Title: Inked: Tattoo Card Reveal by Jordan Johnson
Medium: DVD, 50 Min. run time
Arena: Street
Available: Any shop, distributed by Murphys Magic Supplies

With the glut of magic DVDs being released many of them are not great magic and some are really bad but few make me say huh?, Inked falls into that rare category. First the basic routine is a cards suit symbol, there are various versions but all are basically the same, vanishes from a card and appears in your mouth tattooed to the inside of your cheek. It then vanishes from your cheek and returns to the card, mass hysteria ensues. Interestingly when Jordon does his vanish from his cheek and the mouth is shown to be without the tattoo you can still see the pip, not a great vanish. The only people I could see even considering to perform this would be the street guys who strive to make girls scream but will instead make them squeamish, pretty good play on words huh?

The production isnt bad for what it is, basically Jordan Johnson sitting at a table, and he does a good job explaining how to do this effect. He is also shown doing the required performing for people in Vegas and getting good reactions, reactions I doubt would exist without the camera being present yet Im certain those that know Jordan will swear that he gets great reactions in actual performance, if he actually does it without a camera on. To his credit he actually did come up with some sense of a presentation for Inked but this has the feel of an effect created to be marketed to the street crowd, and Im not talking about the proud buskers of the world. Well, that about covers this DVD, which will run you about $25, and if you are the sort that likes the idea of showing a pip or other image on your cheek in your mouth then this is right up your alley, good luck to you.
Steve V

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