Magicap by Jesse Feinberg

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Magicap by Jesse Feinberg

Postby Steve V » September 5th, 2008, 11:33 pm

Title: Magicap by Jesse Feinberg
Medium: DVD, 40 min. run time
Arena: Close up
Available: Any shop, distributed by Murphys Magic Supplies

Magicap was released as a trick with the required pen and material to make the gimmick with written instructions a couple of years ago and at that time I wasnt really impressed with it. The reason for my lack of enthusiasm while it is based on a well known principle in magic it has a knack thing and you have to nail the move or it just doesnt work. I still believe this but watching the DVD I realize why Jesse released it, in his hands it looks just great. The basic effect is the cap of a pen vanishes then re-appears on the pen, various aspects of this theme are shown on the DVD. Not a bad little trick, nothing to write home about either, but it does use a pen that is often found in offices and at schools so if you like performing in those type of arenas this may be worth looking at but do practice it so it looks good.

The production value is kind of a mixed bag. The camera work is fine as is the sound but there is a significant problem in my opinion and that is the background music. It is so intrusive and loud it should be called foreground music and it drones on and on during the entire production. I noted at the end that Jesse created the music used and Im not knocking it from a musical standpoint but who ever decided to have it playing throughout made a mistake and to play it so loud was an even bigger mistake. I found it highly irritating. Jesse does a great job explaining the making of the gimmick and the effect and it does sell better with the visual nature of DVD rather than in writing, and Im a guy who normally prefers reading routines. The different handlings shown are also nice to have. If there is anything else Id say about it is to suggest that Jesse shave prior to filming, he had less of a look than it just looking like he didnt want to shave.

If you are looking for a quickie to do with a common inexpensive pen then this might interest you, if you are a pro strolling in a restaurant or party situation this may not fit into your style. This will run you about $20 for the DVD then youll have to go out and find the right material to make the gimmick, which shouldnt be too hard to do.
Steve V

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