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Portable Rabbit Hole

Posted: January 23rd, 2021, 9:16 pm
by Spellbinder
Jim Gerrish has been spending his time working on what he keeps claiming is his absolute LAST trick for The Magic Nook, a Portable Rabbit Hole. Yusif Tremil worked with him on it and keeps both of us thinking about magic that he then writes up for us. The Portable Hole CAN be performed with a live rabbit, but it is a lot of fun with a puppet rabbit as well. The magician shows a plaque with a circle on it with an arrow pointing the way for any lost rabbit to follow. The arrow points one way on one side of the plaque, and another way on the other side. Then it "changes its mind" and sends the visiting rabbit off in another direction (a variation of Jim's "What's Up?" trick from Hardboard & Duct Tape Magic - ) But the circle in the center can be opened up to and the magician can put his arm through seeking to grab the first rabbit that wanders by ... but no luck. Then the magician shows a four fold cage that he has prepared for the rabbit, if he ever catches one. The cage folds flat and can be shown on all sides. When it is unfolded and put on a table, the Arrow Plaque is laid on the top of it, and suddenly a rabbit (live or puppet) pops up through the hole. You use the rabbit for some funny bunny business, and when finished, you tuck the rabbit back down the hole where it SHOULD drop into the cage, but instead it just disappears and everything is shown on all sides and folded flat and that's that!