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Clown Magic

Posted: January 28th, 2014, 12:28 pm
by Spellbinder
We've always had a lot of magic that could be used by clowns who perform magic, but Jim Gerrish recently got bored with "cabin fever" from the recent snowstorms and sub-freezing weather so he got to work on some of his old clown repertoire - enough so that I decided to open up a new section just linked to Clown Magic at The Magic Nook.

His first offering is an opener that is ONLY applicable to clowns - non-clowns need not bother even looking. It's the Clown Dressing Room Illusion. By standards of traditional illusionists, this is not even worthy of the name illusion, but consider that it is an illusion designed for five years and under and it is very magical indeed.

He also documents his clown camera routine, which, unlike most clown camera acts I have seen, uses a genuine "antique" box camera that actually works so kids can see and understand the principles on which their digital cameras and camera phones work. It's sort of a science lesson with a very clownish ending.

More is on the way. I am waiting to see his "Three Ring Circus" which combines cups and balls with sponge balls, rings, and flea circus elements. Having something new to edit and proofread has snapped me out of my cabin fever, too!