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Postby Herb » June 6th, 2018, 9:25 pm


I will be in Madrid next week (starting June 10) and am hoping to connect with magicians while there. Any suggestions re shops, shows, meetings etc appreciated. Hoping to go to the SEI meeting/lecture on Mon...Thanks.


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Re: Madrid

Postby Ristiharju » June 8th, 2018, 8:28 am

There are 4-5 Magic shops in Madrid. Some are quite near the center and some are little farther away. You should be able to find these easily with Google. All have metro stops quite close to them and Madrid's metro is easy to navigate. Most shops also have professional magicians as demonstrators and they tend to have quite good selection of items.

SEI has gatherings on every Monday and occasionally they also have lectures on Tuesdays.

Also Woody Aragon owns a small magic theater in Madrid "Teatro Encantado" ( ). It is mostly for close-up magic, around 50 seats raising seating. Shows are mostly on weekends though.

There might be other magic shows at local small theatres but you are better off asking about them from local stores. At least Luis Piedrahita is often doing solo's somewhere but it is completely in Spanish. Also Juan Tamariz of course lives in Madrid but since it is summertime he is at Cadiz at his summer home.

For bigger scale show it seems that Mago Pop illusion show ( is also at Madrid. I haven't personally seen it and only heard that he has stolen lots of material from big international names but few friends went to see him at last Escorial visit and the show was apparently okay for laymen.

Hope that helps


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