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Kansas City Area

Posted: July 17th, 2017, 8:05 pm
by MJLauck
I have relocated from St. Louis to Kansas City... it took a year to sell our St. Louis home so I could join my wife and daughters on the other side of the state! Now I am settled (more or less), have adjusted to my new day job (which, for the first time in a decade is actually a day job) and am recovering from that pesky hospital stay earlier in the year, I am looking to meet some other magicians. I have known Phil at US Toy Magic Shop for years and talk to him at least once a week... but where else should I be going? I tried to contact the local IBM but they never responded to my email. Anybody know which eateries (hopefully gluten free... it is a medical condition, not a choice) have magicians? We used to visit the area fairly often about a decade ago when my mother in law lived in the KC suburbs and I remember there being another magic shop in Blue Springs (off of 7 as I recall); is that still around somewhere?

I am specifically in the Lee's Summit area but Siri gets me around the greater KC metro. Thanks!