Pop Haydn Lecture - Chicago 9/18

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Pop Haydn Lecture - Chicago 9/18

Postby Mike Kamlet » September 10th, 2015, 5:37 pm

IBM Ring 43 presents

Friday September 18th 7:30 PM
Presence St. Francis Hospital, Auditorium
355 Ridge Ave
Evanston IL
Guests $20

Pop Haydn started out as a street performer in the 1960’s, and has worked all over the world in every type of venue. He is a seven-time award winner at the Magic Castle including 2015’s Stage Magician of the Year. Pop will talk about the psychology and routining of magic. He will discuss the philosophical principles that underlie his approach to magic using his own original routines to illustrate his thinking. He will explain how to use patter to strengthen the effect of the trick and to develop humor out of the situation rather than through “lines” and jokes. The routines he will be discussing include both stage and close up magic, and are all award-winning routines designed for real world situations. He teaches useful principles and sleights and ruses that can be applied to any routine.

A few of the effects Pop will be teaching.
Chicago Surprise: Pop’s version of the Chicago Opener/Red Hot Mama which contains an extra piece of magic, plus an absolutely killer ending.

Impromptu Card Code/Routine for the Blind: An impromptu ESP routine in which a blind person acts as psychic.

ESP Survey: A Street Scam that can make money for street performers when it is too cold to work.

Fast and Loose: Pop’s routine for the Endless Chain is recognized as one of the best ever.

Multiple Peeked Card to Pockets:
Pop has a couple of people simply peek at cards and both appear in separate pockets… then reappear AND switch pockets… then another card repeatedly jumps to his pocket… and finally, the whole deck. It’s a fantastic sleight-of-hand routine, not for the faint of heart.

Mongolian Pop Knot: Pop teaches everyone how to tie this infamous knot which makes two pieces of rope restore back into one . . . or does he?

DO NOT MISS THIS LECTURE --- but don’t just take our word for it

“Haydn has a very different and engaging manner of talking--it is infectious and the audiences loved it. He also performs his magic superbly.”— Dai Vernon

“Pop is one of the few magician’s left along with Darwin Ortiz who really understands magic as a craft and as a theatrical experience. Pop, along with Darwin are two people in magic whose opinion about my work really matters to me.”—Michael Vincent


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Re: Pop Haydn Lecture - Chicago 9/18

Postby performer » September 11th, 2015, 8:18 am

Years ago I once read an interview of Whit Haydn and the bit that intrigued me the most was when he described his method of marketing. He more or less stated that he didn't actually have any particular system and he more or less summed it up as not doing anything whatsoever, just keep working and hope for the best.

I thought this was so wonderful that I adopted it immediately and decided to believe in it wholeheartedly even if it doesn't actually work.

It really is the easiest method of marketing of all and I highly recommend it.

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