Chicago: Murray Hatfield Lecture - Fri, Mar. 8th, 7:00 PM

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Chicago: Murray Hatfield Lecture - Fri, Mar. 8th, 7:00 PM

Postby Magic Inc » March 2nd, 2014, 11:44 pm

Five Basic Elements of Building Your Show Lecture

Lecture Details:

When: March 7th, 7:00 PM
Place: Jasper Theater Club at Magic, Inc.
5082 N. Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL

Cost: $25.00 Paid on or before March 6th
$30.00 Paid the day of the event

Tickets will be available for pick up at Magic, Inc. the afternoon of the lecture.

About Murray Hatfield:

Murray Hatfield has done more shows, for more people, at more live performances across Canada, and raised more money for charities than any other Canadian magician in history. Murray has thrilled audiences in numerous countries around the world – taking his magic to such diverse locations as Israel, Cyprus, England, Mexico, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. He has even entertained in the most northerly community on the globe (just 150 miles south of the North Pole) and on Luxury Cruises in every corner of the globe.

He is a regular headliner at the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood and has appeared in the “It’s Magic” show as well as at the IBM, SAM, CAM, PCAM, TAOM, Winter Carnival of Magic, Magi-Fest and the European IBM. He is a lecturer, writer, creator, producer and director and has won numerous awards for his work including being named “Magician of the Year” by the Canadian Association of Magicians. In 2009 he was honored with a Presidential Citation by the International Brotherhood of Magicians for his work.

About The Lecture:

This is a lecture that truly has something for everyone. It begins with Murray’s theory of the Five Basic Elements of Building a Show. This theory applies to any type of show, from a close-up show to a full stage spectacular. Murray uses effects and routines out of his professional repertoire to illuminate the various elements of the theory. The effects include everything from close-up and card work to stage effects as well. He also covers ideas, tips, thoughts and theories based on 25 years of touring with the largest annual touring magic show in Canada. He does all of this with lots of interaction, humor and fun!

All of the effects that he teaches are directly out of his show (not just tricks he’s creating in order to sell). Many of the effects are able to be done without buying anything and the rest are available directly after the lecture. The close-up effects are ones he has used in both his strolling work and stage shows (with camera and projector). The stage effects are some of his favorite “in-one” pieces that have been performed for audiences of two to three thousand people.

Anyone of any skill level will walk away from this lecture with useable material as well as a lot of ideas on how to take the effects and routines that they already perform and craft them into a stronger, more compelling show. Murray is also very open to questions and thoughts from the attendees and will happily delve into anything (within his experience) that people might wish to discuss.


“Murray Hatfield’s lecture in San Antonio was one of the best lectures we’ve had in a long time! Murray’s advice on structuring your show alone is worth the price of admission; in fact, it’s worth the price of several dozen magic books and DVDs. His lecture includes very strong, commercial effects and his closing piece is a signature trick that will blow you away!” —Michael Tallon, Lecture Coordinator, San Antonio, Texas

“Murray’s lecture was one of those rare lectures where everyone left having learned something new. I thoroughly enjoyed Murray’s lecture and rate his among one of best lectures I’ve attended ever. Every magician, regardless of skill level and experience, should take to time to attend one of Murray’s lectures.” —Westley Annis, Lecture Coordinator, New Orleans, LA

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