chicago magician's hangouts

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chicago magician's hangouts

Postby Guest » March 1st, 2005, 9:29 am


I'm new to magic and would like to know where Chicago area magicians hangout.



Re: chicago magician's hangouts

Postby Guest » March 1st, 2005, 12:04 pm

You might want to pose that question to Tim at Midwest Magic in Franklin Park. I was at the shop last month for the first time and I must tell you it was quite the experience. They have nearly every book, video, prop that I've ever heard of and many I've never seen before. Nice people too. I'm sure they can direct you to any groups that might meet regularly. Good luck!

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Re: chicago magician's hangouts

Postby Necromancer » March 1st, 2005, 8:38 pm

Hi Dan,

Welcome to the neighborhood!

You'll find magicians at:

Midwest Magic (Franklin Park)
Magic Inc. (Chicago)
Ash's Magic (Chicago)
and several suburban locations

Supernatural Chicago (Excalibur nightclub, Chicago)
O'Donovan's (Chicago)
and various other restaurants around town

S.A.M. #3 (Fourth Mondays at 6431 Pershing Road)
SAM #106 (First Mondays in Joliet)
SAM #148 (Third Mondays in Elmhurst)
IBM #43 (Third Fridays at Magic Inc.)
Mazda Mystic Ring (Second Thursdays in Algonquin)
Midirections (Second Tuesdays in Mount Prospect)
Wizards Club (First Mondays at Magic Inc.)
Magic Masters (Third Thursdays in Tinley Park)

Incidentally, I'm the performer of Supernatural Chicago and President of S.A.M. #3, and I invite you to both. Feel free to drop me a note at

Neil Tobin
Neil Tobin, Necromancer

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