Joshua Jay Lecture 4/30 Chicago

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Joshua Jay Lecture 4/30 Chicago

Postby Mike Kamlet » April 21st, 2023, 9:05 am

I.B.M. Ring 43 and S.A.M. 3 Present

Joshua Jay
Sunday April 30th 12:00 p.m.
Rhapsody Theater
1328 W Morse Ave

Guests $20
Ring 43 and SAM 3 Members Free
(admission may be applied to membership at the door)

Joshua has performed in over 100 countries, and was awarded the top prize at the World Magic Seminar in 1998. He fooled Penn and Teller, and holds a Guinness World Record for card tricks. Jay has done magic on numerous tv shows, including Masters of Illusion, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and The James Cordon Show. His new, bespoke lecture, which will focus on new and unpublished material using cards, coins, matchbooks, and dollar bills. It will be an even mix of close-up and parlor, mentalism and magic, easy and difficult. Best of all, you’ll hear insight into how Joshua has developed an entirely new show, which he debuts this month at the Rhapsody Theater. This is a rare opportunity to see one of magic’s most accomplished performers, authors, and lecturers..

New Lecture
Reverse Logic: An unusual back-in-time opener using a [censored] and a pack of cards.

Nameless Ship: Unpublished and never-before-shared, this is an effect with a signed dollar bill and a matchbook with an ending absolutely nobody sees coming.

Cylinder and Coins: Jay shares his approach to this classic plot, refined over more than a decade. Every aspect of the trick has been retooled—a new ending, a new method, and many tiny touches that change the shape of the entire routine.

Total Recall: An unpublished routine and the magician-fooler of the lecture! You borrow any pack of cards and allow spectators to shuffle packets face up into face down. You are able to discern how many cards are face down and the identity of every one.

Any Card Cut To: The pack is placed on the table. Genuinely any card is named, and you cut right to it.

PLUS a handful of other routines that Joshua has used in his professional repertoire, performing all over the world. Joshua will discuss show construction, as well as the results of his groundbreaking study, “What Do Audiences Really Want?”

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