Participate in a great project after FISM (and share a room)))

Flying around the world for the perfect magic convention? Save some dough and share your room.
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Participate in a great project after FISM (and share a room)))

Postby Alex Capra » March 13th, 2012, 5:03 am

Hi guys,

I'm not looking really for roommates but first of all partners who'd like to participate in small project AFTER FISM 2012

I have an idea. I'm more than sure that this is 1 000 000 dollar idea. So I need to find people who like it.

I'm a professional magician currently residing in Moscow, Russia. I perform at private and corporate events, stand up, close up and walk around. And more important - I'm going to FISM 2012.

I want to find 5 magicians from different places (countries, continents, planets) and spend 4-5 days AFTER FISM travelling aroung 4-6 towns in the UK and performing magic. Yes, street magic: David Blaine kind of street magic ("hey guys, wanna see a trick?") as well as "classical" kind of street magic (collecting a crowd and working a complete show). And we film everything. The idea is to create a kind of reality show where we (5 or 6 magicians) have a task to get 1000 reactions. So 1000 people should say on camera: "This is amazing" - exactly like this. I can provide professional video quality and editing. Then we post it on the youtube and create a blog.
WE GET NO PROFIT IN TERMS OF MONEY. It's non commercial. Sorry)

What we get:
1) Great time performing magic;
2) Lots of material we can use later for our promos etc
3) 1000s of views on youtube -> popularity among internet audience
4) Just fun travelling around the UK and visiting nice old pubs)

That's basically it. In fact it's just an idea, a project. But I believe it can become real this summer. So join and let's amaze!

Write here if you're interested. Or my email:

PS sorry if it's a wrong place to post such kind of thing))

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