FISM in Beijing early arrivers

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FISM in Beijing early arrivers

Postby Mecki » April 24th, 2009, 11:01 am


I am from Vienna (Austria), 46 years old and a dedicated magician.
I will arrive at Beijing on July 18th which is one week before the FISM-convention starts. I plan to do sightseeing and to have good chinese meals.
Is anybody with an urge for discussing magic interested in meeting some evening and having dinner together? We could have fun with a deck of cards (Aronson System preferred), roasted grasshoppers and boiled snakes.
Seriously, I heard that in China it is wise to have dinner in larger groups, maybe we could arrange a meeting point for pre-conventioners. I will be staying at the Harmony Hotel which is quite a central location near the railway station.
Please let me know, looking forward to meeting You

Ludwig Gantner (

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