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I have spent a few years developing this site:

What is MagicDB?

MagicDB is an on-line database related to magic. It stores data about tricks, magicians, techniques, books, dvds, and much more. The system was designed specifically for magicians and by magicians.

What can you do with it?

MagicDB can serve for many purposes. You can use it for structuring your shows, as a learning tool, as a research facility, as a way to classify and organize your tricks, and much more.

What is NOT MagicDB?

MagicDB is not a site for downloading videos or books. Also you are not going to find here detailed explanations of tricks.

Why should I use this system instead of others?

Because this system was carefully designed. The design of MagicDB took years of research before begins to develop and even months of design before even start to programming.

The MagicDB designer learned as much as possible from different systems already available and spent time to correct their errors, improve their properties and add new and useful features as much as possible.

When it would be fully available?

It would be ready at some point of 2015.

Who can use it?

While remains in developing state it would open for a selected group of magicians.

How MagicDB it's done?

MagicDB is made basically in PHP and SQL. This guarantee a correct and solid structure that runs fast and can be easy expanded.

Who is behind all this?

The database was programmed and designed by Damian Ariel, an Argentinian amateur magician and programmer.

How can I contact him?

You can send an email to drd00m at msn dot com with 'MagicDB' as subject, or in Facebook (/DamianArielM).

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