Magic Menu: Final Four

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Magic Menu: Final Four

Postby Guest » September 17th, 2004, 7:08 am

Those who enjoyed the monthly Magic Menu periodical, or its two-volume bound edition reprints of the first ten years, take note:

The final four issues, which were newly formatted and expanded from the usual 12 pages to around 40 pages per quarterly issue, have now become available as a bound volume. The thrust of the periodical changed over the years from a restaurant magic perspective to a wider general close-up magic perspective, but years 1 - 5 and 6 - 10 are still very much worth your $ and time to study. In the final year, the periodical changed into a perfect-bound journal, and issues cost $15 each, justified by more than tripling the page count and still having no ads or other extraneous material in them.

The bound volume, price pointed at $25.00 plus shipping, has become available in the last week. The publisher, MM former staff member and associate editor Andrew Pinard, has a free shipping deal currently to introduce the bound volume, so the four issues can be had for $25 instead of the original $60.

I have no financial interest in MM, I just loved it and wanted to share the info on the Final Four issues bound volume. The bound volumes of the other 10 years helped seal the demise of the periodical, as people quit subscribing and waited for the bound compilations just as the MM was finding a new and larger audience with its wider perspective.

Years 1 - 5 and 6 - 10 are available through L&L Publishing, as they have been for the last several years. The new Final Four volume is available through Andrew Pinard's online store:

I have had several fine dealings with Andrew, and he even phoned me personally to tell me when my MM: FF book had been shipped. If you love close-up, or restaurant magic, or if you want help learning how to convert magic from a hobby into a paying career, check out Magic Menu, the Final Four. I read mine from cover to cover in two evenings, and I will read it again as time goes on.


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