The Magic Mirror.

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The Magic Mirror.

Postby Guest » April 9th, 2003, 5:07 am

I recently finished reading "The Magic Mirror" By Bob Neale with David Parr. Since David is a good friend of mine I am ashamed I didn't own it sooner. The financial burden that is new parenthood has obviously put a limit on my magic book purchase capability

My comment on this book is simple. It is quite simply amazing. Beautifully and insightfully written with more than it's fair share of deceptive, mindboggling and at the same time thought provoking and theatrical effects.......But it really is the first part of this book that will do the do for you. Robert Neale's essays of the reasons Why we do magic.....Why it's done in the first place and how it can be broken down into fathomable categories are contained here. This section of the book explores the arena of the Word "magic" and how this word, this concept, this religion, has filtered through to the world today and to the stage presentations we as magicians give. Neale not only discusses the psycology of conjuring here He discusses the meaning of MAGIC and how we can relate this spiritual concept to what we do on stage and other settings. This book is truely too complexed and interesting to talk about in quick words.

A recomendation here from me for anyone interested in magic as theatre and storytelling....with a hint of the wierd.

This book is a rare gem...It's a gift from God
along with thumbtips and flashpaper.

Congratulations to Bob and David(Who Lends a more than guiding hand) On this modern masterpiece. Any person who activly calls themselves a performing magician can and will learn something here.....I did. and coming from an actors ego that's admitting something

Any thoughts?????????? Did you enjoy it too?


Richard Hatch
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Re: The Magic Mirror.

Postby Richard Hatch » April 10th, 2003, 11:01 am

I like Bob Neale a lot, both as a person and creator of magic. I also like magic theory. Despite a carefuly reading, however, I did not understand much of what Bob was trying to communicate in the theoretical part of THE MAGIC MIRROR. I have spoken to others who have had the same problem with this section. Sensing that I may be missing out on something important, I would welcome enlightenment from those who gleaned insights from their study of this material.


Re: The Magic Mirror.

Postby Guest » April 16th, 2003, 7:45 am


I can understand what you mean about the book..In Parr's own words to me "it is dense".

However I did get a great deal out of it

Difficult to explain it in words though. we might met at a convebtion someday and have a chance to talk about it.


Dave Shepherd
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Re: The Magic Mirror.

Postby Dave Shepherd » April 16th, 2003, 8:01 pm

I read it after meeting Bob at the Phoenix Gathering last summer. As soon as I got home I started into the book.

I "got" the theory section, because I was in a receptive mood for it. I'm not sure that I would have if I hadn't just hung out with a lot of magicians who were talking about the deeper meanings of magic than we usually think of with our tricks.

I will say, now, that although I read through it cover-to-cover twice last July, I haven't gone back to it a lot since then. I think it's going to be one of those books that I return to freshly every couple years or so.

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