What do we think about this?

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What do we think about this?

Postby mrgoat » November 14th, 2014, 6:16 pm

When I was in my 20s and dabbling in naughty substances, I definitely would have done the coke trick...

1. The Keno Man - Ron Jaxon - Magically make an orgami man out of a keno card. Have your spectator shake his hand for a suprise end!
2. The Lemon Party - Anonymous - Have your spectator think of the first scenario that comes to mind. ANYTHING. You show them your prediction. A VERY disturbing trick.
3. Sponge Dong - Goshman - A shocking end to your favorite sponge ball routine! Comes BLACK!
4. One Night Stand - The Amazing Allison - You have a prediction for the night. Ask a lady to write down her name and phone number on a piece of paper. The paper Vanishes, only to be found again in your wallet. Sealed in a condom!
5. The Black Pool Prediction - Peter McKinnon - The BEST heckler effect. A thought of card vanishes. You have the spec look into the card box they've been holding.. BOOM!
6. Card to Tampon - Eric Ross - Well, it is what it is.. A tampon visually switches places with a selected card.
7. Blow - Anonymous - You show a baggie full of white powder and a spoon. You take a spoonful of the powder, and it visually disappears up your nose in an instant!
8. The D*ck Trick - Mr. Phun E. - One card is picked and lost in deck. then the deck is shaped into, well, you guessed it! As she strokes it, one card jumps out! Her card!
9. Self Rolling Joint - Eric Ross - A zig zag paper is placed in the hand. A sprinkle of herb is also placed into the same hand. When hand is opened, it seems as tho it rolled itself into a joint!
10. Magic Flip Offs - Garrett Thomas - GT helped me put together a collection of magic flip offs.
11. Disappearing Coke - Mark Bendell & Gary Jones - 4 baggies of white powder are shown. spectator picks 3 to hold onto. With a sniff, you make all the content of #4 disappear in an instant!
12, Flash Joint - Anonymous - Make a joint appear at your fingertips in a flash!
13. David Coppafeel - Anonymous - Magician gets more than a handful in this brave effect.
14. Dirty Magazine Test - Paul Romhany (Tutorial Only) - This is a great stage piece added last minute. A book test using a Dirty Magazine!

And the porn mag test sounds great.

Obviously, totally not for everyone, but if you every perform to people that would appreciate this, it would KILL, surely?

http://www.ericrossmagic.com/eric-ross- ... anity.html

Tom Pilling
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Re: What do we think about this?

Postby Tom Pilling » November 14th, 2014, 11:15 pm

Good, for the right crowd, of course. You already knew the answer to this, though...

Sleazy in the extreme, but a coked up crowd is sort of your best audience, if you know what to do with them.

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