Bill Wisch- The Magic Castle Act 2009

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Kevin Wisch
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Bill Wisch- The Magic Castle Act 2009

Postby Kevin Wisch » February 24th, 2010, 4:37 am

This past summer, in August 2009, my father Bill Wisch made his first appearance at the Magic Castle in 23 years. He's based out of NJ, my hometown, but since I recently moved out of the nest, I wanted him to come and visit the West Coast. (I'm based out of Silicon Valley). He created this act for his return to the Castle and it contains sleights and effects that are 95% original. I took the videos that are posted.

If you haven't seen these videos, please check them out. Two links follow:

1) A link to the page where you can see the videos embedded into his official website.

2) A link to the videos on youtube.

I think the magic speaks for itself. To say that I'm the proud son of Slydini's protege is an understatement. :-)

All my best,

Stan Willis
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Re: Bill Wisch- The Magic Castle Act 2009

Postby Stan Willis » February 24th, 2010, 9:26 am


Good to see that as a son you're taking the time out of your busy schedule to promote your father's magic.
Well done!

Best Regards,
All the way from Northwest New Jersey!

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