Paul Nathan's Devil in the Deck - San Francisco

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Paul Nathan's Devil in the Deck - San Francisco

Postby raj k » January 8th, 2009, 3:13 pm

Devil in the Deck
Climate Theater
285 9th St. @ Folsom in San Francisco

Thursday January, 15th through Saturday, January 31st.

Devil In The Deck - Website HERE

Devil is the story of Jack Swindle. Jack is a gambler who is cursed at a young age by a bad tarot reading. He spends his life trying to break the gypsy curse and cheat death.

Devil in the Deck is a decadent world of delightful magic, breath-taking adventure, and torturous sleight-of-hand card tricks. Magician and storyteller, Paul Nathan, plays the notorious Jack Swindle. Nathan weaves you in and out of his tale while John Anaya creates a soundscape that envolopes you. Paul and John turn each moment into a modern day fairytale.

Paul pulls you into Jack's life making you feel every sensation; drawing you into countless adventures. He runs with the bulls in Pamplona . You feel every vibration of the hoofs as you run next to him along the cobbled streets. He falls in love and you fall in love too; you can smell her perfume and you bask in the light of her beautiful smile. You feel the heartbreak of every loss and the exhilaration of every win. You realize that all you want to do is play his game. The Devil is the story. This show reminds you that what you risk reveals who you are.


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Re: Paul Nathan's Devil in the Deck - San Francisco

Postby Michael Kamen » January 8th, 2009, 11:14 pm

If you can get to this show, it is not to be missed. Paul Nathan creates a wonderful character and story, with excellent magic woven through in a most compelling fashion.
Michael Kamen

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