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Brainwaves: Real Life Trumps Sci-Fi

Posted: June 8th, 2008, 2:53 pm
by jerry lazar ... novel.html

Once again, truth is stranger than fiction -- you can now play videogames sans joystick... Just concentrate and transmit your thoughts... Maneuver your monitor with only your mind!... And for only $300!...

Mentalists could do well to incorporate the existence of such real-life technological developments into their patter/presentation... before it's so commonplace as to render the wonder of mindreading obsolete!...

Re: Brainwaves: Real Life Trumps Sci-Fi

Posted: June 8th, 2008, 3:33 pm
by Jonathan Townsend
Read some more science fiction - VR interfaces have been with us since the 1960s and issues about what happens when innermost thoughts become surface level reads or actions ... since Crichton's "Terminal Man".

Yeah - that helmet is nice - for a start.

Probably great fun for a red-herring to frame the techno-mentalism (TM?) as the method rather then our mundane but more sure-fire methodology.

Now when I turn flip the red switch our subject will feel an unconscious affinity for red spot cards - and when I set the dial to 'Three' they will actually select the three of diamonds or hearts - still working on that fine tuning... but let's watch what they do when I hit the send key.


*+ added -jt - okay it's a few hours later and remembered the image of Doctor Morbius from "Forbidden Planet" and that three-d visualizer such a headset controlled - back in the 1950s.