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Library of Larceny

Postby James Foster » March 24th, 2004, 1:12 pm

There is a new series of books just published called, collectively, the "Broadway Books Library of Larceny". These books, of which there are currently three, are reprints of classic accounts of hustlers, con men, grifters, and thieves. They may be of interest to some reading this list.

The current titles are:

1. Ponzi by Donald Dunn
2. Where The Money Is by Willie Sutton and Edward Linn
3. McGoorty by Robert Byrne

I read the Byrne book many years ago and it is a great read. The new edition has a new forward by the author.

Luc Sante (of LOW LIFE fame) is the editor of this series.

Enjoy your reading!

James Foster

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