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Dr Rosenkranz article

Posted: May 24th, 2017, 7:52 pm
by Andres Reynoso
On March issue was featured the article about "The Rosenkranz Mysteries" I was amazed to read Dr. Rosenkranz regularly visited Mago Chams' store during his travels to México.

The store is a well known store for the mexican magicians, I think there is no magician in Mexico City and surrounding area that haven't been on the store one time. A lot of magicians (me included) proffesionals and amateurs, as well as commedians, names the store as the first magic store they knew. In my case it was much before I know anything about conventions and a whole of magic dealers in the same room.
I remember back the counter, a picture with David Copperfield in the store.

The store stills open nowadays run by his family. Mr Chams passed away last August, I think he was 80-81.