Thanks For Shade Article

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Thanks For Shade Article

Postby Guest » April 2nd, 2003, 11:59 am

Just a quick note to the staff of Genii thanking them for the article on Shade in the April issue. As a magic news researcher, I have often received snippits of info related to this film, little of it that can be confirmed. In addition, I have heard it discussed at conventions and meetings, but all in the form of rumor and anticipatory exitement. It was a pleasant surprise to discover the feature article and all of the related info in the current issue. Congrats on a job well don.

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Re: Thanks For Shade Article

Postby Brisbin » April 10th, 2003, 7:11 am

I want to add my thanks to all involved in producing not only a fascinating article on "Shade," but a real chronicle of how dreams and ambitious goals are realized. (Through blood, sweat, tears, inspiration, networking, and credit cards.) Special thanks to Earl Nelson and Paul Wilson for sharing their insights, and to David Regal for giving us an insider's look at the work that goes into making movie magic happen. :cool: Forget hanging out at Schwab's Drugstore to be discovered. The stars in Hollywood are found up on the hill at the Magic Castle! :genii:
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