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Belated kudos

Posted: June 27th, 2004, 2:15 pm
by Ken Trombly
I have long owed you a congratulatory letter for the consistently high standards of GENII since you took on the task of filling its pages each month. Recently I did a little show at a friend's surprise birthday party, and killed them with the Card in Lemon that was in the Derek Dingle issue. This was the perfect effect for me, an occasional performer who lacks the time or interest to tackle the knuckle-busting routines.
To any of your readers who want a strong effect, that is so well thought out that the presentation masks anything resembling a move, I hightly recommend this effect - and as the expression goes, but is so true in this case, "it is well worth the cost of year's subscription."
Also, a tip: the organic lemons that I bought at Whole Foods produce section were small and very easy to palm. Keep up the good work!

Ken Trombly
Bethesda, MD