Looking for possible figure reference

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Looking for possible figure reference

Postby pixsmith » January 7th, 2019, 8:48 pm

Hello all, and thanks in advance.

I know the maker of the figures in these photos, but what I'm interested in is if a particular performer might have been used as a reference for the sculpting.

Knowing the creator, I believe that he worked from photos and sketches in some instances, and though this has a "generic" appearance, there is something familiar, and I'm hoping someone else might be able to put a name to whom it resembles.

This is a magic act with an assistant who disappears from the cabinet, and reappears elsewhere. I'm currently working out something that might be a little more complicated with it, but I got curious about the figure itself and thought I'd ask the best of the reference minds here.

Thanks for any help!

Pix Smith

Here's a link to an album with the photos - a wide shot, and a closeup of the one in particular that I am inquiring about. I don't have a great angle on the female figure, and she might be based on someone as well. I didn't want to clog up the board with unwieldy photos.

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