Doug Henning, Tom Bosley, Little Nemo

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Doug Henning, Tom Bosley, Little Nemo

Postby Tom Smith » March 17th, 2013, 10:41 pm


I am attempting to put together a revue show for high school students to perform and would like to include some "interesting" "camp skit" type pieces. One that I remember was the Little Nemo man made of two people, one behind the other, where one person is the head and legs / feet, while the other is the arms. It's been around forever as there's pictures of it in one of Hoffman's books. I would like to present it more professionally with "the work" more hidden. I seem to remember it being done on a Doug Henning special in the 70's and had Tom Bosley being the head and, I suppose, the feet, while Henning was the arms and hands. If I remember, it seems that Henning's hands did cups and balls. I don't remember much more than this except it was quite amusing as the little guy could also float, stand on one hand, etc. Does anyone have any information or can direct me to any sources where patterns or ideas for "the costume" can be found, also any further presentation ideas. The set-up in the Henning show hid "the work".

I am also looking for some sources / ideas for skits/blackouts to include. I have the Dorny book on blackouts but am interested in other ideas. I also have a book that contains burlesque blackouts but they would be "too salty" for family entertainment. Ideas along the banana / bandana routine are the sort I'm looking for...

Any help / sources would be appreciated.



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