Very detailed review of my book!

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Very detailed review of my book!

Postby Tarotist » May 19th, 2022, 7:34 pm

I have never seen such a detailed review of a magic book in my entire life! It deals with the Royal Road to Card Magic. Naturally , my name is mentioned in great and wondrous detail as of course it most certainly should be. Alas I am only part of this wondrous review and I do concede that there are other human beings featured who naturally are not on the same level of wondrous literary talent as my most worthy self.

I must say this review is a far better explanation of my literary masterpiece than the rather silly lukewarm review in the Genii magazine by someone who obviously hadn't read it as thoroughly as it deserved. He probably couldn't read the red print so couldn't be bothered tackling it properly. Well, it isn't my fault he didn't purchase a magnifying glass, is it?

Not so for the author of THIS review. He studied not only my annotations but other lesser variations for months and months and months on end. He didn't need a magnifying glass either.

Anyway, here it is. After reading this I do expect you all to get your money out and help support an old man in his dotage. So open your wallets and let the moths fly out.................. ... card-magic

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