Selling the Show - new book by Sean Taylor

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Re: Selling the Show - new book by Sean Taylor

Postby mrgoat » January 18th, 2012, 10:50 am

Jinx5269 wrote:Here is a bit more info on both the products mentioned in this thread, by someone who has actually read them both!

Selling the Show is not really a "marketing" book, it's a book on what to do once the phone rings. How to win the gig and how to up-sell your show to get better fees. The information is rock solid and will definitely help you. I run a national sales team in my "day job" and I can tell you, the information is based on sales methodology that works. Sean has been in the magic business for 15 years, and has taken those sales principles and applied them to the magic. If you get this book, absorb it and apply it, you will improved your bottom line. I recommend it.

I also recommend Timothy's manuscript on Magazine Memory, it sits on my bookshelf with all my memory books - including Harry's - and each adds valuable insight. I perform Magazine Memory all the time, and I use many of the insights contained in Timothy's manuscript.

I compete in the same market as both Sean and Timothy and I can tell you - they are tough competition. They are both extremely skilled mentalists and marketers, and when someone with their track record shares information, it is definitely worth reading.

All the best.


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Re: Selling the Show - new book by Sean Taylor

Postby Jinx5269 » January 27th, 2012, 11:23 pm

Hi Goat,

I agree with Anthony Vinson above that the little red books have good advice, as far as general selling is concerned.

However, most advanced sales theory goes down the line of Solution Selling, or any one of it's alternatives, i.e. Spin selling. "Selling the Show" is similar, in that it gives you a process to apply in each and every sale, follow the process, get the gig. It also has many comparisons with ENS theory, the four stages of negotiation are represented in the text, albeit under different names.

What general sales books have you read that you find particularly applicable to the magic business?



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Re: Selling the Show - new book by Sean Taylor

Postby John B. Pyka » September 18th, 2012, 5:32 pm

I'll throw in my 2 cents. I heard the same frustrations from my readers of How To Produce Your Own Theater Show. I taught them the steps from conception to closing curtain, but I just assumed they knew how to sell their show. I WAS WRONG! So, earlier this year I released my full sales script with step by step instructions to sell a show to a theater client. Really, it is a powerful sales script that you could modify for any sales purpose. I developed it when I was the national sales director for a very large telesales company. We increased sales by 20% in the first quarter it was implemented.
It is now available in "The Script" available at
It is also included along with "How To Produce" in the new Theatrical Magic Omnibus, also available at

Have a great day!
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