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Help in Starting a Show

Posted: June 14th, 2010, 2:29 am
by TJay
I would like to perform close-up magic in small, intimate theater environment here in New England; card magic leaning toward the serious side (Think Ricky Jay, not comedy magic).

Any tips on getting started? Some difficulties that I am facing:

1. Venue (Most theaters are too large. Maybe private dining rooms? But, then I'll be forcing strangers to sit and eat together which may be awkward, right?)

2. Funds (I can't afford hundreds to reserve rooms/space. But I'm also willing to perform just for the experience, not profit, during my initial run)

3. Stage Fright (My experience is limited to performing walk-around magic. I have only performed sit-down magic for magicians, friends, and relatives, garnering positive reviews. My concern is with hecklers or personal nerves causing a trick to go wrong. Is this a common fear amongst that can only be overcome by actually DOING it?)