Expanding Theatrical Magic, the Book

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John B. Pyka
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Expanding Theatrical Magic, the Book

Postby John B. Pyka » December 16th, 2009, 12:51 pm

This may belong somewhere else here, but this seemed like the best spot...

I am working on expanding and updating my book Theatrical Magic next year. And I have a few questions for those who have purchased and read Theatrical Magic.

What I want to do is publish a brand new Omnibus edition with updated and expanded info, the COMPLETE Roxy Script, Holiday Family Theater script, and the unpublished magic play It's A MAgical Life as well (all to illustrate how magic can work in a larger narrative) as well as the complete and updated "How To Produce Your Own Theater Show" as a chapter. It will also have about 20 new routines/scripts/ideas.

Now, my thought is to make the the updated material available as an e-book download as well, so that people who have bought Theatrical Magic and How To Produce do not have to purchase the entire Omnibus if they don't want to. They will be able to download only the updates. There will be two updates as well. One with How To Produce, and one without and they will be priced accordingly.

The other idea is just to publish a volume two in the same format as volume one.

Which sounds like the best, most viable and reasonable plan?
John B. Pyka

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Dale Shrimpton
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Re: Expanding Theatrical Magic, the Book

Postby Dale Shrimpton » January 14th, 2010, 6:10 am

Hi John,

may i make a small sugestion..

If your going to include Scripts, particually Holiday scripts double check to make sure that there useabe outside the U.S.
Often ive read scripts, and plot lines that just dont work in the U.K, and Europe. And it's frustrating.
Also, terminology differs in teh states, and elsewhere. As an example the role of the producer of a show, gets confused with the Director here in the u.k.

Jonathan Townsend
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Re: Expanding Theatrical Magic, the Book

Postby Jonathan Townsend » January 14th, 2010, 10:29 am

? Do they all have to play well for the San of the Kalahari? I mean all that dancing about milk and blood... not sure how that will work for folks in Sweden.

:( IMHO better to put proved material in place and in context and let the student learn about culture.
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