The EPK (electronic press kit)

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The EPK (electronic press kit)

Postby Guest » November 20th, 2007, 9:19 am

Over the course of the last few months
I've been busy re-working on EPK.

I started with a plain zip file and a couple
of HTML pages with live links, some PDFs,
hi-rez photo folder ... etc etc.

I wanted something all in one instead of
one sheet here, flyers there, and photos there.

That meant everything and anything under the sun
and over the moon.


So I did. In one large file of about 6.5 megs.

For the few of us on dial up it may take a while.
Its the size of a 160-192 bps MP3 but the rest
of the world on DSL-cable-T1 connection its likes
a few secs pass you by...

I wouldn't mind some input if you have a few minutes.

Its 40 pages long and has a Table of Contents on the
first page if you want to "go to page" whatever...

The file is here:

But if you need to go to the page to right-click save as
then go here:

There's a link where it say's press kit.

Thanks in advance.

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