Theme Park Magicians - $$$$$

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Blair Marshall
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Theme Park Magicians - $$$$$

Postby Blair Marshall » September 7th, 2002, 5:01 pm

Would be interested to hear what the major parks are paying with regards to acts they are booking.
Not the "house" magician that they hold open auditions for and then put on salary, but the act/show that goes in and does a long term deal, 4/day, 7 days per week. If there is any material on-line ie. discussions etc.I would like to hear about them. If you can help and do not wish to discuss online, e-mail me, also add your phone number I can give you a call.

Thanks all!

Blair Marsahll
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Re: Theme Park Magicians - $$$$$

Postby Guest » September 16th, 2002, 5:18 pm

Hi Blair,

A book that might interest you on this subject is available entitled Handbook for the Theme Park Magician , by Wayne Wissner. Hope this helps.

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Re: Theme Park Magicians - $$$$$

Postby TheDean. » September 20th, 2002, 9:25 pm

Brother Blair,

Ah, once again the past come back to haunt me! (Hehehe)

There is the "bible" of Theme Park magic "if" you can find it as it was a numbered series with limited release. It's called "Straight Talk About Theme Park Magic!" and was compiled and written back in 84' by Doug Anderson (Published with the assistance of Paul Osborne) It's a hardbound book with interviews of some of the TOP theme park magicians of the day... some you maybe of herd-of:

- Lance Burton
- Whit Haden
- Chris Carey
- Mark Kalin
- Bev Bergeron
- Brian Gillas
- Tom Ogden
- Paul Driscoll
- Tom Mullica

and so many other park professionals.

It really IS a good book, but please rip-out the first few pictures if you have a weak heart... I'm not all that attractive... ewe, yuk!

Alas, I spent may pleasurable years in the theme park biz and now all I have left are fond memories and a where house full of props, sets and other fun, cool stuff!

I have since moved on and now "through" the casino showroom phase, thanks to my park years and continue to contribute regularly to park and casino offerings, so If I may be of some support to your ventures, please do-not hesitate to count on me for insights, experience and what ever other assistance I may be my brother.

I personally only have the fondest of memories as I look at all my years of producing and performing for theme park (and the "adult" theme parks... Casinos) industries. I personally RECOMMEND it!

I am at your service and in His service,
TheDean - Deano

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