Touring opportunity

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Touring opportunity

Postby Nick Maggio » November 22nd, 2004, 3:02 pm

This from a Dallas Texas area magic club:


I have an opportunity that I would like to offer to anyone who might be interested. One of my past clients has fired the entertainers (not my entertainers) who he had on tour performing a Science/Comedy program for schools. Unfortunately, he still has a tour to fill. He has asked me to write a new show and to find two performers to finish out the tour. The tour would be a 20-week tour with an average number of shows of 10-12 per week. The tour would resume in early January and conclude at the end of May. The pay would be somewhere around $1,300 per week for the pair and he offered to pay the performers a $1,000 bonus at the end of the tour if the show turned out to be "a real gem".
I will be honest with you. This kind of touring is very difficult and since you are still responsible for your own expenses, you are not going to get rich. But it is possible for you to make a profit if you watch your money and are careful. You will have no initial expense since I will be providing the props and the script.
This will give you a chance to gain experience and confidence as a performer. I know that this is true. I did several tours with these people in the 80's. I also gave other entertainers tours (complete with props and scripts) including John Shryock--a magician who has since toured the world with his partner Mari (you should remember him from the TAOM in Ft. Worth), Scott Wolfe (who regularly tours with Andre Kole) and Adrian Van Vactor. Adrian has won a variety of international awards including the International Stage Magic Competition, The Lance Burton Award, and the Milbourn Christopher award for the most promising young magician of the future (other recipients of this award include David Copperfield and Siegfried and Roy). Incidentally, the show will be written by the same team that writes the shows for Ronald McDonald. It really would be a great learning experience.
If you are interested please contact me through e-mail. I am not always in my office at this time of year but I always have my laptop with me. Thanks.

Have a Wonderful Day!

----------Dal Sanders
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