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letting people know you do parties

Posted: July 26th, 2002, 9:43 am
by reed mcclintock
John Blaze braught up a very intresting subject, he had mentioned on another thread here in this section, about people often times being surprised that the performer does parties. I had never really thaught about it , but it is true. Often people "will ask hey do you do parties?"
when you tell them yes they have an event they want you to come and do.
Having encoutered it so much I never sat down and annalized it I just sent the people my promo after obtaining their information. It always seemed like common since that to the audience I would be available for parties, but working in night clubs mostly , I am surprised when they are surprised to find I do parties, how odd
So what would happen if I metioned it to every one i perform for, what my results would be, I will start logging this information down and share it with you guys, if some of you would do the same thing also that would help . Wow just as an after thaught I need to think about other things like that I hadnt thaught about before, things I just respond to but never noticed a patern.
Here is an intresting question, How do you incorporate it into a information line to the audience, that you do parties?One way would be just in a passing line at th climax of an effect that you say something like Oh I do this at all of the parties I work, sending a subtle way of letting people know. If they are intrested I think they would chime in at that point, what do you guys think.

Re: letting people know you do parties

Posted: July 26th, 2002, 12:55 pm
by Shawn Preston
I have noticed this same issue in my restaurant work. In one of my card routines I talk about a funny story that happened to me a a corporate cocktail party that I was hired to work at. The end of this routine is typically when the guest asks me if I do parties. I never really thought about this until now, so I will pay attention and see if I can nail down a plausible answer...

I am also a graphic designer... do you find it difficult to design your own material? I usually end up changing my mind before I'm done. Thusly I haven't settled on promotional material either... any problems in this area with you?

Re: letting people know you do parties

Posted: July 26th, 2002, 1:57 pm
by reed mcclintock
Are you Kidding I am never completely happy with a piece. I can design killer stuff for other people, when it comes to me I am never satisfied. lol that is like an artist never happy with their own work.
I find the same in my magic to, I develop really strong stuff, but I am never quite happy with it, I am costantly tweeking it.
I feel I am pretty astute about things, but when he mentioned about people being surprised to find out I do parties a light went off in my head, I always handled it as just common conversation, and not a marketing angle. lol it is definately a v8 moment.
I imagine many people will read these posts and say well duh Reed, but again its learning the hard way. Really in a matter of 5 or 6 posts this section of the Geni Forum has helped tremendously. I dont care to much about the latest double lift or new gimmick , I care a lot more about taking care of my family. I love this art, butI cant justify starving either. :)

Re: letting people know you do parties

Posted: July 26th, 2002, 2:28 pm
by Shawn Preston
I agree with you Reed. Sometimes the simplest things are the ones we overlook. I never really paid much attention to the comment "so you do shows" as an opportunity to do some self promotion. I'm curious to know just what someone would do to respond to that comment -- give them the "hard sell" or simply say "yes I do" and hand them a business card... what are your thoughts? I suppose it depends on the situation.

BTW -- I think I've designed 10 or 12 different business cards for myself. Usually as soon as I get them back from the printer, I don't like 'em and want something different... My favorite was a black on black effect (black ink on a gloss stock with a dull varnish to give the 2 tone effect) very fun!

Re: letting people know you do parties

Posted: July 27th, 2002, 8:28 pm
by reed mcclintock
I often times will look at them and say ofcourse I do a lot of private parties. I never thaught about that being an opportunity until just recently, I guess I alway put that in with the comments of Is this how you make you living. I will be far more aware of it now and I will get back with you on this in about a week or so. :)

Re: letting people know you do parties

Posted: July 27th, 2002, 10:24 pm
by Guest
Hey reed, if it works, you owe me a set of KNUCKLE BUSTERS!

Re: letting people know you do parties

Posted: July 28th, 2002, 1:22 pm
by Guest
Gesh! I was in hopes that you guys would cover the issue of "selling private parties" a bit more... :rolleyes:

I've been pushing the Home PSI Party thing to death... I do o.k. at it, but it seems that for every 500 brochures I put into circulation (to the general public via Party Supply Stores) I might get one reply... and before you blame "content" and other such factors, let's just say I write copy for others that works... heck! My own marketing techniques seem to work better for those I've shared them with than they do me... so... any good ideas on how to remove a curse? ;)

I've gotten myself into some serious "we can get ready to retire from this" type situations and I really could use some insight as to how to stir that drive train a bit... especially outside the corporate & business side of things, reaching the average citizen and convincing them that $90.00 for dinner & show per couple, ain't a bad deal :eek:

Thanks guys!

Re: letting people know you do parties

Posted: July 30th, 2002, 1:50 pm
by Pete McCabe
If you do triumph, you can incorporate the following into your script:

"I was performing at a private party last week, and one of the guests had had a bit too much to drink. So when I asked him to shuffle the cards, he did it like this!" (Proceed with face-up face-down shuffle.)

This will tell anyone in the audience who's interested in that sort of thing that you do private parties.