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Want To Make Some Extra $$$?

Postby Guest » August 6th, 2002, 10:37 am

Hey gang... as is my fate I've stumbled into a rather interesting set of circumstances that can only be seen as a "Tall Order". In short, I've got to impress the crap out of two different clients, two hours drive from one another... AT THE SAME TIME.

I'm good but dang! I do have my limits ;)

Here's the deal, I'm booking mystery shows for Corporate Groups. I'm working with a non-profit entity near the Cinci.,OH area that has a real European styled Castle as well as a Civil War era "Ghost Town"... not like a western GT but a real community that was recently featured on the Travel Channel as one of the most haunted communities in America... heck, they even have a 19th century jail house as a B&B they're so into the bizarre theme.

I'm looking for several things... needless to say, ideas of subtle (more psychologically based) effects (especially static type) that can be used. I'm also looking for some agressive spirits out there with Corporate Clients looking for something "different" and will pay between 25 and 35% commission/finder's fee on referrals that confirm, etc.

For details touch base with me darmoe@hotmail.com

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