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Postby mrgoat » July 17th, 2002, 11:23 am

Another technique for you to try. If you feel like it.

Get in your restaurant...

Have a chat with the owner. Just a chinwag. Or is it?

The topic subject is an acronym:

Definition, Identification, Proof, Agreement, Desire, Action

Allow me to explain.

Hello Mr Restaurant Manager. Hard times at the moment, lots of competition in the area and lots of choice. What do you do to differentiate yourself from your competition like Joe's and The Kitchen?

Hmm, must be tricky. What solutions have you considered? Local press. Yes, expensive though isn't it. And do the ads ever really get read anyway? I toss the free papers in the bin (trash) straight away. What about special offers? Have you considered entertainment? No not loud music, something a little different?

If I could show you a way to make sure people remember your restaurant and guarantee they arr entertained while they wait for their food would you be interested? Of course...

So you agree that if there was a way to do that you would be interested?

Here, let me show you something. [Do your best quickest knock out effect]. Something like that would be talked about by punters dont you think? Keep them entertained while their food is cooked?
That's what the other places I work say.

So at the moment I am available Fridays until December. When would you like me to start?


Obviously, the 'patter' is just an example. The important part is the structure.

The D I P A D A

You can really keep it like a chat. Although this frame work is in your mind.

The psychology of you discussing the problem, identifying possible solutions for them, showing them you have a solution and it is a pretty damn sweet one and then getting them to agree to this is the only logical way to sell something to someone.

This technique is spectacular on the phone. In fact, it was developed as a system to sell advertising space in magazines and newspapers. On the phone you can't do the trick, obviously. So you have to change it slightly. On the phone, your aim, your sole aim, is to get a meeting. So you just alter the end.

"So if I could show you that I have a way to achieve this would you meet with me for ten minutes to let me show you what I am talking about?"

Hard to say no.

Especially if you have gained agreement all the way through the talk. Do you think this? Yes. Dont you see that...Yes. etc.


It's another easy one.

Have fun.

C. Hampton
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Postby C. Hampton » July 28th, 2002, 5:28 am

Thanks for the DIPADA, I think it can be helpful to many people. :D
Carlos Hampton

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