The Bammo Brainwave Brainwaves

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The Bammo Brainwave Brainwaves

Postby Bob Farmer » November 25th, 2022, 11:57 am

I have a new download, the Bammo Brainwave Brainwaves manuscript. ... 25467.html

This is most definitely NOT your magic dealer's Brainwave.

This is entirely new and revolutionary. Effects not possible with any other Brainwave deck are possible with this one:

1. Predict the ending in writing before the card is revealed. One prediction in full view. No switches or indexes.

2. Show a "regular deck" top and bottom before the face-up card is located.

3. Predict three choices in writing. All three choices are absolutely free. No forcing.

4. Destroy the spectator's free will as he selects a card from a deck he has shuffled and examined.

5. Cause a selected card to vanish and appear elsewhere.

Complete instructions are included so you can easily make it yourself.

Includes four non-Brainwave miracles by the legendary mentalist, Dr. Jaks but given the Bammo touch.

David at Magic Orthodoxy has posted a great review:

Mike Close has this to say in his November Newsletter

“Bob Farmer … does a deep dive into the literature on the … [Brainwave Deck] … tinkers, fiddles, and rearranges, and develops a new version that will fool anybody, magician or layman. If the Brainwave deck is part of your current performing repertoire, you’ll definitely want to check out Bob’s super-sneaky modifications ….This is another winner from one of magic’s upper-echelon thinkers.”

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