Kreskin's mail order venture

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Kreskin's mail order venture

Postby performer » August 23rd, 2015, 8:33 am

Because of something Banacek said about the evil Kreskin trying to rip of his poor aged mother-in-law I thought I had better check into it. So far I have only had a cursory look at the matter and will try and check it out more thoroughly but so far it doesn't appear to be quite such a horrendous "crime" than it was made out to be. I am going to reserve judgement on the matter until I look at it in more detail but at first sight it doesn't seem to be quite that bad.

I saw some very good mail order copy with what appears to be an ad for motivational self help material of the kind you get in any bookshop. Perhaps over-hyped but that seems to be the American way.

And what is the horrendous sum of money that these poor aged seniors were going to have stolen from them? Their life savings? Hundreds of thousands of dollars? Or only a mere grand or two? Come to think of it only two or even one hundred dollars if spent unwisely may be a burden on a senior citizen.

So how much was this awful scam going to cost? One moment please. Let me check.

Oh. A lousy $20? Is that it? The crime of the century? Oh, perhaps not....................

It appears that there is a money back guarantee too. And from reports that I have read online from consumers there doesn't seem to have been the slightest hesitation or difficulty in getting refunds when requested.

I have extensive experience dealing with seniors. In fact to my horror I have just realised that I am one myself. I can assure you that most of them are not vulnerable innocents. They are as sharp as razors and have probably conducted a few scams themselves in their time. They are generally far sharper, more cynical and more suspicious by nature than the younger generation give them credit for.

I have sold things to seniors. I can assure you that they are far harder to scam than the younger generation. They are more cantankerous and liable to ask more questions.

Anyone who has ever done a show for seniors will confirm that if they give something out for examination they will go over the item with the enthusiasm of an over zealous tax auditor.

I shall check out the ad copy more thoroughly when I get time. However, for the moment I shouldn't worry about the allegedly poor downtrodden seniors. They are well able to take care of themselves. They are sharper than you are. They have had more practice time to be.

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Re: Kreskin's mail order venture

Postby Banachek » August 23rd, 2015, 6:57 pm


if you read the above post you will think I used words like Evil and such to describe Kreskin. Well I did not.

What I did was add to add context to something I posted where someone else had talked about psychics and readings and such.

Postby Banachek » 11 Aug 2015 22:13

I have been asked offline about my mention of Kreskin lending his name and likeness to those who would take advantage of others.

See ... cation=ufi

My mother in law was on a few of those lists at one time as well][/quote]

I simply gave a link to what behavior I had been talking about. I also was the one who suggested that KReskin did not directly do it himself but may have loaned his name to marketing companies for a fee.

As for the older people, I do know some who have sent money they could not afford, who are on a fixed income and it is taking advantage if you ask me of people who are looking for a better life and want answers and who are nearing the the last part of their lives. And although I did not say it there, I do believe it is a scam as it is not even Kreskin answering questions with "psychic powers."

I think performer might be mixing me up with posts and sites like: ... net-916579 ... cut-162286
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Re: Kreskin's mail order venture

Postby performer » August 23rd, 2015, 9:35 pm

Rip Off reports have no credibility and in fact are a scam in themselves. But that is another story entirely. I don't believe for one moment for anyone sent Kreskin a thousand dollars.

I did not say you used the word "evil". That was my ironic take on the matter.

I do think you were obviously tut tutting over the matter otherwise you would not have mentioned it.

It is obvious to me that Kreskin did not write the ad copy and in fact I have seen a small part thereof which alas I cannot approve of. I will try and have a look at more of it when I get the chance. I have been rather busy relieving my clients of considerably more money than Kreskin's measly $20 and I sleep well at night.

What bothers me is the people complaining about it haven't actually seen the product. I suspect it is value for money and contains decent information. I have seen no evidence that Kreskin is answering questions a la a Q and A act. I get the impression he is merely selling a self help book of some kind costing $20. And I don't think he is just selling it to seniors. And even if he is #20 is hardly going to bankrupt them. And if they can't afford it then they shouldn't purchase it. We all have free will.

Quite frankly I can't see what the scam is supposed to be. However, I will have a proper look at the advertising copy when I get the chance. I only viewed it cursorily. I didn't like the phraseology about the reader being in "danger". If there is more of that kind of thing I will have to register my disapproval and change sides.

Still, so far so good except for that one deficit.

Now Kreskin may or may not have had the option to approve the ad copy. If it had been me I would have insisted on it. There is a somewhat rabid facebook group devoted to the matter and they are trying hard to go a little berserk over it but nobody seems to be terribly interested.

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Re: Kreskin's mail order venture

Postby performer » August 24th, 2015, 6:44 am

I have now had a chance to look at the advertising copy. It does make me uncomfortable and I do not approve. I would personally never say things like that. But then maybe Kreskin wouldn't either. He may not have control over it any more.

However, I have seen no evidence that the product itself is not value for money and neither do I think the price asked is extortionate.

There. That is my verdict on the matter.

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