Panagram by Jamie Badman & Colin Miller

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Panagram by Jamie Badman & Colin Miller

Postby Guest » November 21st, 2003, 1:05 pm

I received this effect through email earlier today, I have only briefly looked at the manuscript and all I can say is excellent, I'm sure the longer I look at this the better it will become!

This is a system that allows you to read spectators mind with hardly any fishing for the word/object/number/country etc that the spectator can be thinking of and the list goes on.

Yes that's right the spectator can really think of anything, i.e. Countries, Zodiac Signs, playing cards, cocktails and with your new found skill after purchasing this manuscript you will be able to astound your spectators like it is true mind reading!

I think this will be a very worthy investment to the strolling/restuarant performer and at only 10 I think it is way to cheaply priced.

Please check out there website below

You can read an even better description of the effect on there site, but trust me you won't be disappointed, I will be working on some of the ideas mentioned already as I feel this will be another strong addition to my act.

Strongly recommended.

Jamie Badman
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Re: Panagram by Jamie Badman & Colin Miller

Postby Jamie Badman » November 21st, 2003, 1:42 pm

Dazza; thanks for the positive comments. People here generally would know about this concept - guys, it's a utility for helping you create and explore progressive anagrams. I'm adding more stuff to it all the time so any suggestions about any features you'd like to see, send me a message!



Chris Gillett
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Re: Panagram by Jamie Badman & Colin Miller

Postby Chris Gillett » November 21st, 2003, 5:14 pm

I also have Panagram, and it is excellent. Not only does it create progressive anagrams but it also allows you to alter your list and play around with different permutations in order to come up with fewer negative responses.

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