Magic Squares (presentation etc.)

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Re: Magic Squares (presentation etc.)

Postby MagicbyAlfred » December 22nd, 2016, 7:48 pm

Richard Kaufman wrote:Buy Tenyo's "Miracle Magic Square," which is Harry Lorayne's "Instant Magic Square" but improved. Spectator never names the chosen number aloud.

Sounds fantastic! My understanding, as best as I could gather from the demo I saw and the description I read, is that the spectator chooses one of many possible numbers printed on a sheet by circling the number while magician's back is turned, and the sheet is then turned face-down on the table. The magician then embarks upon the magic square presentation.

It has long been my view that while an accurately-done magic square performance is virtually always bound to impress, having the spectator tell you the chosen number relegates the effect to a demonstration of apparent mathematical prowess, as opposed to a veritable miracle of magic and/or mentalism. So purchasing a $40.00 Cornelius TT years ago, and subsequently, a TT II (even better) was, dollar for dollar, the best investment I have ever made in over 50 years in magic. Discerning the number "telepathically" (by means of the TT), and the surprise revelation of that number through a magic square presentation, is undoubtedly as strong, if not stronger, than anything I do for laymen. In terms of frequency of requests, it is right up there with Card on Ceiling and Chop Cup with 3-lemon finale.

I have no idea how the chosen number is discerned in the Tenyo Miracle Magic Square, but since it appears that this can be accomplished undetectably without a p - - k w - l - e - it is likely that I am going to order the Tenyo item because it would be more direct and straightforward than my current method. Besides, I have devised other excellent uses for the TT. One important issue I need to be mindful of is that, in my restaurant/bar work, or even in cabaret show type environments, I am typically in dimly lit surroundings, which, of course, poses no problem whatsoever when using the TT. But whether i could reliably pull it off in such dimly lit environments using the Tenyo is an unanswered question at this point...

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