The Bammo Gaffus Maximus Addendum #1

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The Bammo Gaffus Maximus Addendum #1

Postby Bob Farmer » January 15th, 2023, 1:14 pm

My book, the Bammo Gaffus Maximus has a five-star rating from verified purchasers. Now there is an addendum with even more amazing, gaffed decks you can make easily at home.

The effects are brand new and like nothing you’ve have seen before: two astounding predictions, “Stoned,” and “The Turn of a Card,” involving Chinese mysticism and Las Vegas gambling—themes that are catnip for audiences.

No sleights. Automatic working. No rough and smooth. Instant reset. No angles.

If you have Gaffus Maximus, you’ll need this addendum.

If you don’t have Gaffus Maximus, then this is your chance to sample the quality of the gaffed deck goodness you’ll find there (the late Harry Anderson won the Magic Castle’s, “Stage Magician of the Year,” award performing, among other things, the trick on page 113).

It’s $12 and worth five times as much as that to people who don’t know their multiplication tables. ... 25596.html

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