The SpyCat peek wallet

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The SpyCat peek wallet

Postby y3xprm » October 12th, 2021, 12:56 pm

Hello everybody,

Like some of you, I have purchased just about every wallet, publication and peek device on the market over the years always in search of the most deceptive and clever of the peeks or new methods but never fully satisfied with what I was buying.

This is the reason I decided to design a device using a minimalist wallet whose only function is to peek at the spectator's info in the most deceptive and best way possible.

After a long time playing with the idea, I started to experiment with several types of wallets and methods until I finally found an under $10, minimalist wallet that worked.

Finally after long trial and error, I managed to create a method to turn an innocent-looking wallet into a very deceptive peek device, which I am happy to share with the community.

This is the YT link, just skip the commercial.

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