The Mind Reader Encephalonic Dossier

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The Mind Reader Encephalonic Dossier

Postby Bob Farmer » June 21st, 2021, 4:23 pm

The Mind Reader Encephalonic Dossier is now available.

Two completely different, leading-edge, thought-reading methods that allow you to know the cards they are thinking of, all with regular decks that can be examined. All new material.

Throw out your expensive, one-trick pony gaffed decks and take a ride on the supersonic train to the future of high octane mentalism.

Warning: This ad contains hyperbole, unwarranted exaggeration, and mere puffery. Govern yourself accordingly when making this purchase. As always, satisfaction guaranteed, or Mr. Farmer will apologize profusely, pretend contrition, and otherwise provide faux emotional support.

"Bob Farmer is an interesting man, who creates interesting magic, and that's all one would need to know. With Mind Reader he has once again topped himself, as it might very well blow your mind!" - Roberto Giobbi

It is $20 and available only from ... 24617.html

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Bob Farmer
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Re: The Mind Reader Encephalonic Dossier

Postby Bob Farmer » July 12th, 2021, 6:34 pm

Chris Agular has said this about the manuscript:


25 page downloadable PDF file

Overall Difficulty (1-10, 10 being most difficult):
I’d give this a three, but only because there is some extremely minor things to remember (i.e. a few sequenced questions).

Can the props be examined?
Yes! Unlike comparable decks (Bob references John Kennedy’s “Mind Power Deck,” Fox and Penn’s “52To1 Deck” and Geno Munari’s “Mind Control Deck) used to similar effect, the deck here (which ideally will have some work put into it) can be examined.

How are the Angles?
There are no angle restrictions beyond not having someone look over your shoulder.

What is the Reset Time?
Reset time for both effects is nearly instantaneous. Pretty much just cutting the deck

Description of the Basic Effect:
There are two effects here, “The Pentacle Thought Reader” and “Mind Power Control 521 Deck".
Both involve the revelation of a freely thought of card.

Your Comments about the product:
Bob’s ad copy is very accurate here. If you’re familiar with his previous work, you’ll note some of his previous thinking being employed in some new, fun and effective ways.

The first effect “Pentacle Mind Reader” does require some work put into the deck but allows for a 100% free mental selection. You still end up with a deck that can be used for any other card trick requiring a normal deck.

The second effect “MIND POWER CONTROL 521 DECK” involves a slight restriction of choice, but in a convincing manner that allows a very wide range of cards to be mentally selected. If one wants to enhance the setup of this version, I’d recommend putting the same bit of work into the deck as required by the first effect.

The ability to false cut/shuffle greatly enhances both effects. Doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just convincing. You will need to remember a few things, but it's super minor (i.e. even my swiss cheese memory can handle it) and the setup of the deck for the first effect removes almost all of this.

I like both effects, but my personal preference would by the second effect “Mind Power Control 521 Deck”. Neither trick is procedure heavy (as Bob’s clever thinking really minimizes that) but this one seems a bit more direct, has an awesome “advanced” handling, and the ability to reveal two thought of cards in a very direct manner.

Compared to fully gaffed decks that accomplish the same effect, Bob's work gets you to the selected card faster and leaves you with a deck that can be examined/used for other effects.

Final Rating (1-10, 10 being best):
I rate this a solid 8 on 10 and a strong recommendation, especially if you are a fan of Bob’s other works.

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