A. Jon Deery's Spirit Bell

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A. Jon Deery's Spirit Bell

Postby Jon Elion » January 2nd, 2020, 9:04 pm

I have been looking at various Spirit Bells for a while, but wasn't moved to purchase one as I was not able to visualize myself using any of them. While there are some excellent choices being marketed, none of them "spoke" to me.

Inspired by reading "The Spirit Bell" manuscript from E Raymond Carlyle and "The Light Seance" in Michael J Fraughton's "The Dark Waltz," I did further research and found the incredible crystal wine glass version made by Adrian Neery (aka A. Jon Neery). The glass serves as a bell with no clapper. It is simple, elegant, reliable, and totally bewildering that it can be made to ring. The glass is suspended from a stick using a thick thread looped around the stick. The glass is otherwise not connected to anything, and dangles freely in the air.

Yet the glass emits a soft and beautiful "ping" when needed. No electronics, no hidden mechanisms -- everything is in plain site. The hand holding the stick is empty. I was concerned that there would be a "knack" to making it ring, but I picked up the stick and starting ringing the glass on first try. I keep fooling myself -- the illusion is that perfect. The ringing of the glass is a soft and crystal (?!) clear sound, which I consider perfect. Isn't this what it would sound like if the glass was pinged by by spiritual forces? I think so!

Adrian is a great correspondent, the price is reasonable, and it shipped (in my case) immediately. I think perhaps his own spirit bell had conveyed to him that I would be ordering, so he already had it packed and shipped off by the time my email reached him. Or so it seemed.

I just wanted to pass along the information -- well worth looking into if the description fits what you are looking for your routine. You can reach Adrian at ajdmagick@yahoo.com. He'll probably be composing his personal response to your email before you even hit "Send" ;)

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