Books, Books and Mo' Books (updated & added)

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Books, Books and Mo' Books (updated & added)

Postby magicapplestore » August 20th, 2019, 7:11 pm

Here some things you can't live without:

52 Memories by Jack Parker $35
Aronson Approach $25
Ask Giobbi $20
Baranger Window Displays $8
Best of Benzais Red Softcover booklet 1967 1st Edition $50
Card College Vol 5 $25
Card Fictions $40
Class Act by Gary Ouellet $30
Early Marlo Spiral Bound $20
Easy Card Tricks $5
Effective Card Magic by Bill Simon (no DJ)1st edition $60
Exclusive Magical Secrets by Will Goldston $10
Handcrafted Card Magic Vol 1 $35
Ibidem Vol 1 $40
Intimate Mysteries by Chris Philpott $30
Ken Krenzel’s Ingenuities $50
Magic with Cards $5
Mark Wilsons Greatest Magic Tricks (hardbound) $10
Marlo without Tears $20
Master Mentality by Stanton Carlisle $20
Mathcasts Aspellonu by Howard Adams $25
Meant to Be by John Born $25
Mind, Myth and Magick $100
New Nail Writer Anthology $30
Numbers, Cards and Time by Carlos Vineusa $30
Pro Control Gary Ouellet $30
Psychic Cold Readings by Terry Weston $10
Secrets of Bro. Hamman (Rips and tears in DJ) $50
Simons Says – Simon Lovell $40
Some Assembly Required $10
Son of Simon Says – Simon Lovell $40
Stein and Day Handbook of Magic $10
Switch by Lovick $40
Tampa England’s Court Magician by Gary Frank $30
Tarbell Course in Magic $15 each volume 1 & 2 available
The Amazing Book of Card Tricks $10
The Complete Al Leech $25
The COMPLETE James File (2 giant books, index & memorabilia) $325
The Magic of Ascanio- Knives and Color-Blindness $40

All books plus shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Email me with any questions
or you can call The Magic Apple 818-508-9921

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