FSH: Some new offerings - and many previous listings now under $10.00

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FSH: Some new offerings - and many previous listings now under $10.00

Postby Dan Bradbury » July 1st, 2019, 11:02 pm

Greetings on a Monday evening! Here’s our Reverse Auction list of magic books, media, memorabilia, props and more sent out on a Monday evening, July 1, 2019. If you see something of interest, verify availability with an email query and we will respond with the total cost including shipping at standard rates or priority, if requested. Zip codes are helpful and if outside the U.S., please include where you want it shipped. We always respond to all queries in the order in which they are received.

Remember, prices go down by 10% each week the book stays on the list, but will it stay to next week or will someone else “Buy it Now”? As always, we "GUARANTEE YOUR PURCHASE”—if you want to return an item for any reason, we offer a full refund of the purchase price. Payment options and other details are at the end of the listing.

******NEW THIS WEEK********NEW THIS WEEK********NEW THIS WEEK******

Booth, John. CREATIVE WORLD OF CONJURING. (Book) Los Alamitos, CA, Ridgeway Press, 1990. First edition. 264pp., illus., bibliog., index, 8vo. Cloth in dust jacket. Now offered at $40.00

[Bottom of the Box Miscellany #1] Three miscellaneous books at a bargain price. (Three-Book lot) includes: Richard Armour’s compilation of MAGIC OF THE SCOTTISH CONJURERS ASSOCITION (Lloyd E. Jones, 1947, 31pp.); The Great Merlini’s HOW TO ENTERTAIN CHILDREN WITH MAGIC YOU CAN DO. (Cornerstone, 1965, 175pp.); and Tom Palmer’s THE FAMOUS FLEA ACT (Magic, Inc., n.d., 20pp.). All three are 8vo and VG. Offered as a lot for $20.00

Brookings, Atlas, and Josh Fletcher. UNDERHANDED – A GIMMICKLESS BUSINESS CARD PEEK PERFECTED. (Book) N.pl., AtlasMentalism, 2018. 84pp., illus., 8vo, Paperbound. New. Now offered at $45.00

Crowe, Raymond. A WONDERFUL WORLD OF HAND SHADOWS. (Book) Los Angeles, Miracle Factory, 2007. 24pp., illus., 12mo. Pictorial wraps. As New. Retails for $20.00, now only $18.00

[Earl, Benjamin] REAL ACE CUTTING. (DVD) Vanishing Inc. Two-hour running time. New – still shrink-wrapped. Retails at $35.00, now offered at $32.00

Elton, Terry. TERRY ELTON’S SALT ROUTINE. (Booklet and DVD) Shawnee, Terry Elton, 2001. Includes 8pp., illus., 4to. booklet. Plastic comb bound. With performance and instructional DVD—all in a bright red and black pocket folder. Does not include the salt pour gimmick. Long out of stock from Terry’s site. New. Offered at $20.00

Elton, Terry. POOF! YOU’RE A MAGICIAN AND OTHER LIES. (Book) Shawnee, Terry Elton, 2005. 39pp., illus., 4to. Plastic comb bound. As new. Offered at $14.00

Fantasio (Ricardo "Fantasio" Roucau) MY CANES AND CANDLES. (Book) Tahoma, CA, L & L Publishing, 2000. First edition. 117pp., illus., 4to. Cloth in dust jacket. New – still shrink-wrapped. Retails for $48.00, now offered at $40.00

Floyd, Hamilton. MANUAL OF SHOW STUNTS – STUNTS OF THE STAGE FROM STARTING TO STARRING. (Book) Chicago, Floyd Brothers, 1940. 40pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Has been folded, o/w VG. Now offered at $12.00

Fox, Paul, et al. PAUL FOX’S MIRACLE GIMMICK – MODERN MINDREADING AT ITS BEST. (Book with Gimmick) Oakland, Paul Fox Super Magical Effects/Jeff Busby, 1983. Routines and Handlings by Paul Fox, Danny B+Dew, Faucett Ross, Al Baker & Jeff Busby. 30pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Gimmick slipped-in at rear in small envelope. Offered at $12.00

Gardner, Martin. AFTER THE DESSERT. (Book with Bookplates) London, L. Davenport & Co., 1942. Second edition. 28pp.(+ads.), illus., 8vo. Bookplate from The Magic Library of Margaret Yates plus shop stamp and sticker from Weirdo Library (Sydney) #955. VG. Now offered at $12.00

[Gazzo] TOSSED OUT DECK. (DVD with Deck) Red-backed Bicycles version. New. Retails for $35.00, now offered at $28.00

Gibson, Walter B. THE MASTER MAGICIANS: THEIR LIVES AND MOST FAMOUS TRICKS. (Book) Garden City, Doubleday & Company, 1966. 221pp., illus., index, 8vo. Library rebinding. A not very well “disguised” ex library copy with face edges darkened with a black marker; o/w a Good copy. Now offered at $12.00

Goldin, Horace. IT’S FUN TO BE FOOLED. (Book) New York, Magico. 1994. 299pp. Illus. 12mo. Cloth in dust jacket. A Fine. Now offered at $30.00

Jay, Joshua. MAGIC: THE COMPLETE COURSE. (Book with DVD) New York, Workman Publishing, 2008. 278pp., illus., index, 4to. Paperbound. New. Retails for $20.00, now offered at $16.00

Kendall, Lace. MASTERS OF MYSTERY. (Book) Philadelphia, Macrae Smith Company, 1966. 166pp., 8vo. Cloth with silver spine stamping. Ex library copy – with “withdrawn” markings; last signature is starting; o/w quite Good. Offered at $16.00

[Reader’s Digest] WORLD’S LAST MYSTERIES. (Book) Pleasantville, The Reader’s Digest Association, 1979. 320pp., illus., index, Gazetter of Mysterious sites, 4to. Pictorial boards; lower rear corner lightly bumped; o/w VG+. Offered at $20.00

Reum, Dr. Earl L. and Lindsay E. Smith. COMMUNICATING WITH MAGIC: THE SPEAKER'S GUIDE TO MAGIC, THE MAGICIAN'S GUIDE TO SPEAKING (including the complete text of Earl Reum's MAGIC FOR THE CIVIC CLUB. (Book) Littleton, CO, Reum & Smith Books, 2002. 103pp., illus., 8vo. Paperbound. New and now offered at $20.00

Romano, Chuck. HOUSE OF CARDS: THE LIFE AND MAGIC OF PAUL ROSINI. (Book) South Elgin, IL, Charles J. Romano, 1999. 320pp., illus., 8vo. Gold stamped cloth. As now. Now offered at $30.00

[Secret Tannery] PEEK NOTE WALLET. (Gimmick and Online Instructions) A functional everyday wallet with a devastating peek. Space for more than 10+ business cards/credit cards and a currency compartment that fits all currencies. A very nice--“carry every day”—gimmick that is ready to go. Retails at $115.00, now offered at $100.00

Thompson, J.G., Jr. “MY BEST” – A COLLECTION OF THE BEST ORIGINATIONS CONCEIVED BY EMINENT CREATORS IN THE INVENTIVE FIELD OF TWENTIETH CENTURY MAGIC. (Book) Cranbury, D. Robbins & Company, 2005. 384pp., illus., biog. sketches, index, 8vo. Paperbound. As new. Now offered at $20.00

Zenon, Paul. MAGIC TRICKS – GREAT TRICKS AND CLOSE-UP SECRETS REVEALED. (Book) London, Carlton Books, 2005. 192pp., illus., glossary, 8vo. Paperbound. As new. Retails for $22.95, now offered at $16.00


ANVERDI’S LEZING SEMINAR LECTURE. (Inscribed/Signed Book) Leiden, Anverdi, 1963. 24pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Inscribed/signed on the title page. VG+. Now offered at $14.00

Aronson, Simon. BOUND TO PLEASE – THE COLLECTED EARLY WORKS OF SIMON ARONSON. (Signed Book) Chicago, Simon Aronson 1994. First edition. 182pp., illus., bibliography, 4to. Cloth in dust jacket. Signed on front free end paper. Near fine. Now offered at $40.00

Aronson, Simon. SIMPLY SIMON. (Signed Book) Chicago, Simon Aaronson, 1995. First edition. 308pp., illus., bibliog., 4to. Cloth in dust jacket. Signed on front free end paper. Near fine. Now offered at $40.00

Cartlidge, Ron. BLUE BOOK OF MAGIC – 2007-2008, VOLUME FOUR. (Limited Edition Book) Austin, Ron Cartlidge, 2007. Limited numbered edition of 100 published. 103pp., illus., 4to. Spiral bound. Now offered at $8.00

Lead, Brian. LAUGHING AT LOCKSMITHS: THE LEGEND AND LEGACY OF HARRY HOUDINI. (Signed/Inscribed Book) “A strictly limited edition, available only to those attending the Lecture “Laughing at Locksmiths: The Enigma of Harry Houdini” delivered by Brian Lead as part of the Collector’s Seminar at the 52nd Convention of the International Brotherhood of Magicians held in Brighton on October 1,1988. 19pp., illus., 4to. Plastic comb bound. Inside front cover the inscription and signature read “For Robert Parish, with best wishes, Brian Lead.” VG+. Offered at $40.00


[Abbott Magic Company] CATALOG NO. 18. (Magic Catalog) Colon, Abbott Magic Company, 1969. 442pp., illus., 4to. Wraps. Spine has been reinforced with clear tape, o/w VG. As a lot only. Now offered at $7.00

APOCALYPSE. (Magazine Lot – ADB #1160) Harry Lorayne. A mixed miscellaneous assortment of APOCALYPSE including all 12 issues of Volume 2 (1979) all three-hole punched in a three-ring binder; plus eight miscellaneous issues: Vol. 4: no. 3; Vol. 7: No. 5; Vol. 7: Nos. 6 and 7; Vol. 8: Nos. 3 and 9; Vol. 11: No. 7; Vol. 12: No.11; and Vol. 13: No. 8. Just a mixed lot of 20 issues. Some are a bit roughed, but most are VG or better. Now offered as a lot at $9.00

Aronson, Simon. THE ARONSON APPROACH. (Book) Chicago, Savaco Ltd., 1990. First 173pp., illus., 4to. Cloth in dust jacket. Near fine. Now offered at $36.00

Aronson, Simon. TRY THE IMPOSSIBLE. (Book) Chicago, Simon Aronson, 2001. First edition. 290pp., illus., bibliog., 4to. Cloth in dust jacket. Now offered at $36.00

Arrowsmith, G. E. MAGICAL MENTALIA and MAGICAL ORIGINALIA. (Two-Book Lot) New York, Louis Tannen, n.d (1940’s). 66pp./67pp., illus., 12mo. Wraps. Offered as a lot for $10.00

[Auction Catalog] MAGIC MEMORABILIA – INCLUDING APPARATUS, BOOKS, EPHEMERA, POSTERS AND CONJURING CURIOSA. (Auction Catalog) For Sale at Magic Live! At the Orleans Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas – August 14, 2013. 18pp. (most in full color), 40 lots all related to magic, 4to. Glossy wraps. Now offered at $10.00

[Auction Catalog] RANDOM TREASURES AUCTIONS. (Auction Catalog) Auction of Magic and Allied Arts, January 10-31, 2007. 111pp., illus. printed in full color, 4to. Glossy wraps. Small crease at the lower corner of the corner o/w near fine. Offered at $10.00

[Berry, Jay Scott] (Five-DVD Lot) Lot includes: THE CLOAKING DEVICE (2002); FS/2 THE POWER OF TWO (60 minutes, 2004); TOPITS AND POCKETS (2002); TOTAL ECLIPSE (60 Minutes, 2002); and SHOW AND LECTURE – MAGIC CASTLE (1/27/13). All five are packaged in two clear 11” x 7.5” CD/DVD pre-punched binder pages. Offered as a lot for $36.00

Blackstone, The Great. EASY MAGIC FOR EVERYONE: INGENIOUS WAYS IN WHICH A BEGINNER, WITHOUT ANY EXPENSIVE APPARATUS OR KNOWLEDGE OF “SLEIGHTS” CAN ENTERTAIN AN AMUSE HIS FRIENDS. (Vintage Book) Chicago, Arthur P. Felsman, (Circa 1910’s). 17pp., illus. with photos and line drawings, 8vo. Manuscript (5.5 x 8.5) top stapled in blue outer cover. Purported to be Harry Blackstone Sr.’s first magic book—one of the most interesting aspects are the 16 photos of an early-career Blackstone illustrating how to perform the tricks. Slight rust on the top staples, o/w VG+. Offered at $27.00

[Blake, Anthony] BLAKE – CLOSE-UP MENTALISM. (Three-DVD Set) From Grupokaps. Three DVD set running four hours and 40 minutes. As new. Now offered at $81.00

[Dancy, Luke] COMPRESSED DECK. (Trick with DVD) Includes all the necessary cards, the custom Compressed Deck holder and a detailed instructional DVD. Previously owned but appears As New. Now offered at $5.00

Darbyshire, Lydia. THE MAGIC BOOK: MASTER OF MYSTERIES OF OVER 150 MAGIC TRICKS. (Book) Edison, NJ, Chartwell Books, 1997. 224pp., illus., glossary, bibliog., 4to. Cloth in dust jacket. VG. Now offered at $6.00

Devereux, Eve. THE ULTIMATE CARD TRICK BOOK – MASTER THE MAGIC OF 70 AMAZING TRICKS. (Book) Edison, NJ, Chartwell Books, 1994. 80pp., illus., 4to. Cloth in dj. Former owner name on front glued down end paper, o/w VG+. Now offered at $7.00

Dexter, Will. SECRETS OF THE CONJURER'S CRAFT. (Book) London, Abbey Library, n.d. 144pp., illus., 8vo. Cloth in colorful dust jacket. Endpapers are browning a bit; dust jacket has a couple of small chips; o/w VG+. Offered at $9.00

Dillies, Lyn. YOUR VOTE IS MAGIC – HOW A DONKEY, AN ELEPHANT, AND AN ILLUSIONIST ARE MAKING VOTERS APPEAR. (Book) Westport, Lovebug Publishing, 2012. 167pp., illus., endnotes, bibliog, 8vo. Paperbound. An odd mix of magic bio and personal story, political history and voter advocacy – a “must have” for every complete collection. Near fine. Offered at $8.00

[Dostal, Tobias] SILHOUETTE. (Gimmicks and Video Instructions) From Vanishing Inc. Currently out of stock on the Vanishing website. Buy it now for $63.00

[Ehlers, Steve] THE ARIZONA CARD EXPERT. (DVD) Magic Makers, 2006. Pre-owned, but VG+. Now offered at $8.00

Elliott, Bruce. CLASSIC SECRETS OF MAGIC. (Book) New York, Galahad Books, 1973. 213pp., illus., glossary, index, 8vo. Boards in dust jacket. Dust jacket has several small scuffs and nicks; 1/2” sliced off from the front endpaper (presumably to eliminate former owner name); but overall is VG+ in a Mylar sleeve. Now offered at $7.00

Elliott, Bruce. MAGIC AS A HOBBY – NEW TRICKS FOR AMATEUR PERFORMERS. (Book) New York, Gramercy Publishing, 1948. 230pp., illus., index, 8vo. Cloth in dust jacket. Dj is a bit roughed along top edges with a several very small chips at the spine; o/w VG+ in a protective Mylar sleeve. Now offered at $7.00

Furman, Irv. MAGIC FOR THE COMPLETE KLUTZ. (Book) Mt. Laurel, Cherry Hill Press, 1987. 120pp., illus. (cartoon style by Bruce Blitz), glossary, cut-out props, 8vo. Paperbound. Not to be confused with the KLUTZ BOOK OF MAGIC by Cassidy. This one much less seldomly seen. Near fine. Offered at $8.00

Gibson, Walter B. and Morris N. Young. HOUDINI'S FABULOUS MAGIC. (Book) New York, Bell Publishing, 1961. 214pp., illus., bibliog., 8vo. Cloth in dust jacket. Dust jacket shows modest wear at the extremities; o/w VG+. Now offered at $8.00

Gibson, Walter. WALTER GIBSON'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MAGIC AND CONJURING. (Book) New York, Drake Publishing, 1976. 213pp., illus., 4to. Blue boards in dust jacket. Laminate cover on the dj is starting to wrinkle a bit of the back, but now it is in a Mylar protective sleeve. This is an exceptionally nice copy of this book—less often seen in the hardbound edition. Now offered at $31.00

Gibson, Walter B. WHAT'S NEW IN MAGIC. (Book) New York, Bell Publishing, 1956. 222pp., illus., 8vo. Cloth in dust jacket. Dust jacket is lightly worn at extremities; front loose end paper is corner clipped; o/w VG. Now offered at $7.00

Gibson, Walter. SECRETS OF MAGIC, ANCIENT AND MODERN. New York, Grosset & Dunlap, 1967. 147pp., illus., 4to. Colorful pictorial boards in a matching dust jacket. Dj has a few chips and small tears; former owner bookplate; o/w a VG+ copy. Offered at $14.00

Givan, Joe. MORE MAGIC FROM THE ATTIC. (Lecture Notes) Castle Rock, published by author, 1999. 11pp., illus., 4to. Plastic com bound in covers; VG+. Now offered at $5.00

Gloye, Gene. THE TABLE BOOK. (Book) Chicago, Magic, Inc., 1980. Second edition. 45pp., illus., 4to. Side stapled. VG. $6.00

Haversat, David (Compiler/Publisher) ENCYCLOPEDIA – MENTALISM & MENTALISTS. (Book) Oxford, CT, 1878 Press Co., 2011. This is a reprint and combined edition of Corinda’s 13 STEPS TO MENTALISM and William V. Rauscher’s MASTERS OF DECEPTION. 172pp/424pp., illus., both works are indexed separately, 4to. Pictorial boards. New – still shrink-wrapped. Retails at $60.00, now offered at $44.00

Hoffmann, Professor. MORE MAGIC. (Book) London, Martin Breese, 1988. Facsimile of original edition. 457pp., illus., 12mo. Cloth in Dust jacket in a Mylar cover. As new. Now offered at $22.00

Hopkins, Albert A. MAGIC: STAGE ILLUSIONS AND SCIENTIFIC DIVERSIONS INCLUDING TRICK PHOTOGRAPHY. (Book) New York, Arno Press, 1977. 556pp., illus., index, 8vo. Cloth in dust jacket. Lightly rubbed on the back of the dj, o/w near fine. Now offered at $12.00

Houdini, Harry. A MAGICIAN AMONG THE SPIRITS. (Book) New York, Time-Life Books, 1991. (Reprint of 1924 edition and part of Time-Life’s Collector’s Library of the Unknown Series) 294pp., illus., index, 8vo. A beautiful copy with silver and electric blue cover and spine stamping, silver gilt edged pages and attached ribbon bookmark. Fine condition. Now offered at $12.00
Hugard, Jean. MODERN MAGIC MANUAL. (Book) New York, Harper & Brothers, 1939. First edition. 345 pp., illus., index, 4to. Burgundy cloth. Lacks a just jacket. Cover shows some very wear at corners and head and foot of spine; end paper edges browning a bit; names of former on front end paper (one whited out); o/w VG+. Now offered at $12.00

Jay, Ricky. LEARNED PIGS AND FIREPROOF WOMEN. (Book) New York, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1998. First FS&G paperback edition. 347pp., illus., some in full color, index, 4to. Perfect bound in pictorial covers. Face edge corners lightly bumped and curled; o/w VG+. Now offered at $10.00

[Joke/Humor Books] Comedy Material Combo #2. A three-book lot of joke/humor books from various compilers, including: Two are 8vo. in wraps and one is a 12mo. Paperback. Aldo Columbini’ s FUNNY STFF – MORE THAN 300 JOKES, GAGS & LAUGH LINES FOR ALL OCCASIONS. (Mamma Mia Magic, 2003, 28pp., some highlighting); Johnny Lyons’ #2 JOKNG OFF (PaperJacks, 1987, 104pp.); and Robert Orben’s ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PATTER (Tannen, 1946, 40pp., has been damp along top edge). Except as noted, overall condition is VG. Get all three now for $18.00

JOKESMITH, THE. (Magazine Lot) Ed McManus. Marlborough, MA. Printed 8.5 x 11. Published Quarterly from 1984. This lot includes: Volume 1: Number 1 (Spring, 1984) through Volume VIII: Number 3 and JS-32 (Fall, 1992) complete. Plus, Volume X: Number 1 (1994), JOKESMITH BLUE #3 (1991) printed on blue paper (10pp.) and several order blanks and subscription offer sheets. All are three-hole punched in a JOKESMITH three-ring binder. Issue No. X: 1 has some highlighting, o/w all others are Fine. Entire lot offered for $18.00

Jones, Lewis. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF IMPROMPTU CARD FORCES – 500 FORCES WITH A BORROWED DECK. (Book) Humble, H&R Magic Books, 2010. 294pp., illus., 4to. Cloth in dust jacket. A fine copy. Now offered at $40.00

Kendall, Lace. HOUDINI: MASTER OF ESCAPE. (Book) Philadelphia, Macrae Smith Company, 1960. 187pp., illus. (line drawing on frontis. only), 8vo. Black cloth with gold cover and spine stamping. Gold stamping is a bit rubbed on the title flap; lacks a dust jacket; o/w a nice tight copy of this less seldom seen Houdini title. Offered at $18.00

KIDABRAJOURNAL – THE VOICE OF KIDshow WORLD. (Magazine Lot) Mark Daniel. KIabra International, Mocksville, NC. Bi-monthly. Printed 5.5 x 8.5. This is a 25-issue lot, including four of the YEARBOOKS. This file includes: Volume 2: Number 4 (April/May, 2007); Volume 3: Number 1 (October/November, 2007) through Volume 6: Number 5 (June/July, 2011); and Volume 7: Number 1 (October/November, 2011) and the 2012 YEARBOOK Volume 7: Number 6 (August/September, 2012). When this magazine was available in printed form (like these are), back copies were offered at $8 each, if available. Nonmembers of the organization could buy only the Yearbooks, which were priced at $20 each. All are in near fine condition and now offered as a lot for $51.00

[Lecture Notes Combo – Some Signed] Lecture Notes/Booklet Combo #4. A four-book lot of lecture notes from various compilers, including: Dan Garrett’s TOP 10 LECTURE NOTES. (1996, 20pp.); David Hoy’s MAGIC WITH A MESSAGE – THE GOSPEL VISUALIZED (Magic Inc., 1976, 72pp.); DALE SALWAK LECTURE NOTES (Chavez/Salwak, 1999, 30pp., inscribed/signed on front cover); and TREVOR LEWIS LECTURE by Phil Willmarth (1981, 20pp., inscribed/signed inside front cover). Unless otherwise noted, all are self-published, 8vo. and in wraps. Overall condition is VG+. Get all four now for $22.00

[Lecture Notes Combo – All Signed] Lecture Notes Combo #5. A four-book lot of lecture notes from various compilers, including: LECTURE NOTES BY ALI BONGO KANSAS 2002 (2002, 16pp., inscribed/signed on back cover); JOHN KENNEDY’S LECTURE III (n.d., 32pp., signed/inscribed inside front cover); Bob Little’s BLUE RIBBON LECTURE SERIES (1975, 56pp., inscribed/signed inside front cover); Pavel’s 100% MAGIC LECTURE NOTES (18pp., 2003, inscribed/signed on the title page). Unless otherwise noted, all are self-published, 8vo. and in wraps. Overall condition is VG+. Get all four now for $29.00

Lorayne, Harry. THE MAGIC BOOK: THE COMPLETE BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, SLEIGHT-OF-HAND MAGIC. (Book) New York, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1977. First edition. 306 pages, illustrated, 8vo. Cloth in Dust jacket. Dj shows wear and small tears at extremities; some light checks on the “other Books By” page; o/w a VG+. Now offered at $7.00

McKinven, John A. STAGE FLYING: 431 B.C. TO MODERN TIMES. (Book) Glenwood, IL, Meyerbooks, 1995. First edition. 102pp., illus., 8vo. Cloth in dust jacket. Fine. Now offered at $28.00

Mendoza, John F. THE "EXCELLENCE" OF DAN FLESHMAN. (Book) O'Fallon, IL, Tom Westerheide, 1983. 95pp., illus., 4to. Plastic comb bound. As new. Now offered at $9.00

Messick, Hank and Burt Goldblatt. THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN – AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF GAMBLING. (Book) New York, Thomas Y. Crowell, 1976. First edition. 214pp., illus., index, 4to. Boards in dust jacket. A Fine copy. Now offered at $7.00

Osborne, Paul. BUILD YOUR OWN ILLUSIONS, BOOK THREE. (Book) Dallas, Paul Osborne’s Illusion Systems Publishing, 1983. First printing. 102pp., illus., 4to. Plastic comb bound. New. Now offered at $10.00

Penn, Jillette and Teller. (Book) PENN & TELLER'S HOW TO PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD. New York, Villard Books, 1992. 216pp., illus., 8vo. Paperbound. Lacks the envelope of gimmicks, o/w VG+. Now offered at $7.00

Permin, Ib. HOKUS POKUS. (Book) New York, Sterling Publishing, 1970. Third printing. 120pp., illus., glossary, index, 8vo. Pictorial boards. Bob Hutchings’ Magic Shack sticker at bottom of title page; o/w a Near Fine copy. Now offered at $14.00

Read, Bob. THANKS TO PEPYS… (Book) London, by the author - Bob Read, 1974. 60pp., illus., 8vo. Plastic comb bound. And extra set of 51 illustrations is laid in. Bottom plastic comb tab is broken, o/w VG. Now offered at $12.00

[Reader’s Digest] STRANGE STORIES, AMAZING FACTS – STORIES THAT ARE BIZARRE, UNUSUAL, ODD, ASTONISHING, AND OFTEN INCREDIBLE. (Book) Pleasantville, The Reader’s Digest Association, 1982. Seventh printing. 608pp., illus., index, 4to. Dark green faux leather overlapping spine; red & blue marbled-type vinyl material over boards with gilt title stamping; lower front corner is bumped; o/w VG+. Offered at $10.00

REEL MAGIC MAGAZINE – TV FOR MAGICIANS. (DVD Magazine Lot – 32 Issues) KozmoMagic. Owego, NY. A file of 32 DVD issues from Episode 1 – Volume 1 (July/August/September 2007) through Issue 33 (2013). Missing only Isue 18 (June 2010) of being a complete run of all 33 issues. All are DVDs in plastic cases with cover art and contents. Offered as a lot for $41.00

Rice, Harold R. RICE’S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SILK MAGIC, VOLUMES ONE. (Book). Ardmore, PA, Silk King Studios, 1948. First edition. 520pp., illus., 8vo. Cloth in dust jacket. Exterior show wear and use, but now in a protective Mylar sleeve. Now offered at $20.00

Robinson, Richard (editor) PROFESSOR HOFFMANN'S MODERN MAGIC. (Book) New York, Quick Fox, 1977. 173pp., illus., index, 4to. Paperbound. Near fine. Now offered at $8.00

Severn, Bill. MAGIC AND MAGICIANS. (Book) New York, David McKay, 1958. First edition. 178pp., illus., index, 8vo. Pictorial cloth in an unclipped dust jacket. Dj is a bit rubbed at the corners, but now in a Mylar protective sleeve. Yogi Magic Mart sticker on the title page and an F. William Kuethe, Jr. book plate on the front pasted down end paper. A very nice copy. Offered at $27.00

Shaxton, Alan. MY KIND OF MAGIC. (Book) n.pl, Goodliffe, 1970. 71pp., illus., 8vo. Cloth covered boards. Lacks dj; former owner note on the inside endpaper; o/w a VG+ copy. Now offered at $14.00

Silberstang, Edwin. THE WINNER’S GUIDE TO CASINO GAMBLING. (Book) New York, Henry Holt and Company, 2005. 481pp., illus., glossary, index, 8vo. Paperbound. Near Fine. Offered at $9.00

Smith, Ronald L. COMIC SUPPORT – SECOND BANANAS IN THE MOVIES. (Book) New York, Citadel Press/Carol Book Group, 1993. 247pp., illus., 8vo. Paperbound. Alphabetic listing with photos, brief bios and stage, screen and TV appearances. Two small spots on front cover, o/w VG+. Offered at $6.00

Stone, Alex. FOOLING HOUDINI – MAGICIANS, MENTALISTS, MATH GEEKS & THE HIDDEN POWERS OF THE MIND. (Book) New York, Harper Collins, 2012. First edition. 299pp., illus., glossary, 8vo. Cloth in dust jacket. Ex library with minimal markings inked out; last two loose endpapers (probably containing ownership information) have been sliced out. A very presentable ex library copy, now offered at $9.00

[Tannen Catalogs] TANNEN’S CATALOG OF MAGIC NO. 19. (Magic Catalog) New York, NY. Louis Tannen Inc., n.d. 345pp, illus., index, 4to. Pictorial boards. Near fine condition. Now offered at $8.00

Thompson, J. G., Jr. “MY BEST” - A COLLECTION OF THE BEST ORIGINATIONS CONCEIVED BY EMINENT CREATORS IN THE INVENTIVE FIELD OF TWENTIETH CENTURY MAGIC. (Book) New York, Louis Tannen, 1959. 384pp., illus., biog. sketches, index, 8vo. Cloth in dust jacket. Dj has a small closed tear at the top of the spine and is just a bit roughed along the top edge; former owner bookplate inside and a former owner sticker on front of dust jacket; o/w a very nice copy, now offered at $12.00

Thurston, Howard. HOWARD THURSTON’S CARD TRICKS. (Vintage Book) Baltimore, I & M Ottenheimer, 1903. 83pp. +ads, illus., 12mo. Wraps. A bit discolored and brittle with a bit of chipping on the back cover and a very slight amount at the spine; o/w a VG+ copy. Now offered at $31.00

Tong, Dan. DAN TONG’S RESTAURANT & TABLE MAGIC. (Book) Port Charlotte, Dan Tong, n.d. Revised and updated. 11pp., illus., 4to. Side stapled in covers. VG. Now offered at $7.00

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