Steve Spill's Mindreading Goose

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Steve Spill's Mindreading Goose

Postby bkralik » May 5th, 2019, 3:45 pm

Professional magicians worldwide waited 25 years for Steve Spill to release his legendary routine "The Mindreading Goose". This routine is really funny, very visual and is the most requested routine in Steve's deep list of routines. It's an instant reputation maker that has been off the market for a few years and only recently has begun to be reproduced by hand in limited quantities.

If you use Steve’s script word-for-word, the laughs and applause will follow. Any stand-up performer looking for six minutes of hilarious material that is already completely honed by thousands of performance needs this routine. The Mindreading Goose can easily play in any situation from parlor-sized audiences to thousands on stage.

You receive everything needed to learn and perform the routine. Note that some of the original supplies to do the prediction are not supplied, however when what I have supplied runs out, they are readily and cheaply available from any magic, discount, or art supply store (you may already have the required and can easily use your own as I have, but it is completely ready to perform as shipped). It also does not include an optional plastic holder for the gimmick and pen which is not needed to perform the routine (it's a film canister and a pen cap) and the dvd shows several alternatives if you prefer.

This retails for US $1499.99 plus shipping. I’m offering it for US $1000.00 including shipping within Canada or the U.S. (elsewhere for actual additional cost).

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