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Wanted Items

Postby hexapling » March 8th, 2019, 4:27 am

Firstly, I'm in Australia.

Joshua Jay's Phantom Deck (used preferred)
Peter Nardi - Sharpie Through Card (Red and Blue, new preferred)
Jason Rea and Alakazam - The F1 Nitro Wallet (used preferred, any color)
David Regal - Sudden Deck 3 (Blue), preferably with Disposable Decks 2.0
Daryl - Amazing Acrobatic Knot
Tango - T.U.C, Australian coin (used preferred)
Tango - Australian Scotch and Soda (used preferred)

I do not require any instructions or DVDs/tutorials with any of the above as I already know/have them. Please message with your best price. TIA.

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