Booklets, Lecture Notes and More

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Booklets, Lecture Notes and More

Postby magicapplestore » September 25th, 2018, 4:25 pm

Here is an all new and revised list of a ton of stuff you know you want. You can pick it up at The Magic Apple in Studio City OR we can ship it to you (all prices plus shipping via USPS Priority Mail)
Email if interested:
or you can call 818-508-9921

10 in 10 – 10 Ideas in 10 Pages $10 – Jamy Ian Swiss

101 most asked questions about Las Vegas & Casino Gambling (soft bound) $5

A History Of The Brainwave Principle by Karl Fulves 1983 Great Condition Very Hard to Find $200

A Rumor in Their Own Time by Soctty York and Jamy Ian Swiss $25

Additional Deceptions from Derek Dingle Lecture Notes #2 $20

An Interesting Application of that Principal. By Jamy Ian Swiss $15

Anneman’s Card Magic $5

Aura Reading for Fun and Profit by Richard Webster $10

Big-Easy Card-Cunning by Jon Rachermaumber 1994 softbound $20

Bob Hummer’s Collected Secrets published by Karl Fulves $150

Book of Haunted Magick by Rick Maue over 180 pages Spiral Bound $20

Book of John –Close up Magic of John Mendoza 1978 Comb bound $50

Brain Tasers by Lubor Fiedler $10 Stapled

Buddha & the Teddy Bear – Mental Wonders for the Real World by Rudy Hunter $20

Card Under Glass by Karl Fulves booklet $10

Children’s Parties and Specialty by Peter D’Arcy softbound $15

Close up of the Damned by Richard Bartram Jr soundbound $10

Conjuction Booklet (linking business cards) $10

Cyber Sessions by Jason Alford $40

Danny Orleans The Art of Presenting Magic to Children Booklet & DVD $40

Diverting Card Magic by Andrew Galloway 1980 hardbound GREAT shape $75

Dynamic Mysteries Booklet by Richard Osterlind 1st Edition 1st printing Spiral Bound

Early Vernon Second Printing 1967 Comb Bound $25

Enchantments by Wesley James Hardbound SIGNED $60

Encyclopedia of Mentalism – Robert A Nelson Comb bound $20

Exclusive Card Secrets Booklet by Frank Garcia Softbound, saddle stitched 80 pages $40

Fifth Dimensional Telepathy (Max Abrams) Stapled $10

Flanting Five Fanciful Formulae by Phil Goldstein $20

French Bred Winners Lecture Notes by Etienne Pradier $10

Further Inner Card Secrets FIRST Edition softbound by Lewis Ganson $20

Glaces Booklet by Ray Grismer Comb Bound (includes “Thirty”) $10

Goldstein's Gallery - A Collection of Polychromatic Card Magic $30

How Gambler’s Win (hardbound) $20

How to Build Up a Psychic Practice with Full Length Cold Readings by Richard
Webster $20

Ideas Lecture notes by Mike Caveney $15

Karl Fulves Covenant Side Stapled 1987 $30

Karl Fulves Shape Changers $20

King of the Cold Readers Bascom Jones $25

Larry Becker’s World of Super Mentalism Book 1 $20
Leading with your Head Gary Kurtz $15

Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women Softbound $20

Lecture Notes by Daryl Convention Session #1 $15

Luis Otero Lecture Notes $10

Magic with Finger Rings by Jerry Mentzer Softbound $10

Mentalism for Magicians by Hugh Riley stapled $10

Mike Close's WORKERS Vols 2,3,4 All Comb bound originals (not from the PDFs or
CD-rom). $15 each

Millennium Aces by Karl Fulves $50

Mindscript 1, 2 and 3 The Symbol Test by TA Waters $30 for all 3

Money Moves by Karl Fulves $20

More Inner Card Secrets FIRST edition, softbound by Lewis Ganson $25

Mystication by Richard Bartram $20

Nepomuk Hofzinser that was originaly named "Everywhere and Nowhere" $50

Numerology by Richard Webster $20

OICUF ESP by Howard Adams VOl 8 Stapled $10

Phil Goldstein FISM Madrid Lecture Notes 1985 $30

Phil Goldstein's Thavant Booklet $25

Practical Sorcery by Alan Shaxon Hardbound with DJ $25

PSI-TECH by Bruce Bernstein 1985 comb bound $10

Psychokinetic Touches by Steve Shaw (Banachek) $10

Quick Readings with Numerology by Richard Webster $10

Scarne Card Tricks Soft Bound $10

Sinister Variations by Charles Pecor $10

Sly Glances by Daniel McCarthy Softbound $5

Soothsayer by Jack Dean $10 Comb bound

Spongy by Ray Grismer Comb Bound $10

Super Magic by Paul Harris Comb Bound $15

The Animated Ring By Jamy Ian Swiss $15

The David Berglas Lecture Notes $10

The Handbook of Super Powers Andrew Maybe $10

The Last Hierophant Booklet $15

The Magic Menu 4 Booklets with Extras Year One Thru Year 4. $25 for all 4

The Magic of Paul Harris by Jerry Mentzer softbound $15

The Olram Aces & Impossible Travelers by Racherbaumer/Powers Spiral Bound $10

The Scotty York Workshop feat. Michael Skinner from Desert Magic ’95 $20

The Terry McComb/Billy Seabrooke Leceture Notes $20

The Very Best of Cups and Balls by Frank Garcia (blue cover) softbound $45

The Warpsmith’s Toolbox by Tom Stone 1993 Saddle stitched $15

Theatrics By Jamy Ian Swiss $15

Theories By Jamy Ian Swiss $15

Thirty Card Mysteries by Charles Jordan $15

Thirty Five Years Later by Edward Marlo SIGNED $35

Thoughts By Jamy Ian Swiss $15

Universal Card published by Jon Racherbaumer as part of the YOD series, 1972. $15

Using Your Head by John Carney Comb Bound $2

Willane’s Complete Methods for Miracles Softbound Book $10

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