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FSH: Books, magazines, media and more

Postby Dan Bradbury » March 24th, 2018, 4:28 pm

Greetings! Here is our latest installment (distributed Saturday afternoon, March 24, 2018) of the Reverse Auction of magic books, media, catalogs and memorabilia. Remember, once listed, prices go DOWN by approximately 10% each week a new list is published and the item remains on the list. If you see something of interest, verify availability with an email query and we will respond with the total cost including shipping at standard and priority rates.

As always, we "GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION" with all items we sell, or your money back! If you want to return an item for any reason, we offer a full refund of the purchase price. Payment options and other details are at the end of the listing.

******NEW THIS WEEK********NEW THIS WEEK********NEW THIS WEEK******

A.I.M.C. Bulletin. (Magazine Lot – ABD#1005) Calcutta. All India Magic Circle. Monthly. Printed, pre- 1972 8.5 x 11, but 7.5 x 9.75 thereafter. A miscellaneous lot of 16 issues of this club newsletter. Includes April1969 thru the combined Annual Volume for 1976—also includes the combined annual volumes for 1974 and 1972. Otherwise single issues. Some covers are slightly roughed, but overall VG. Now offered at $16.00

Amazing Linking Candy Trick. (Gimmicks with instructions) Candy version of the magic linking rings. Includes two gimmicks, complete instructions and six matching roles of LifeSavers. Preowned, but fine. Now offered at $25.00

[Ammar, Michael] THE COMPLETE CUPS AND BALLS – VOLUME 1 and VOLUME 2. (Two- DVD Set) Tahoma, CA, L & L Publishing, 1998. Pre-owned and presumably viewed, but o/w as new. Both offered as a lot at $40.00

Bannon, John. DEALING WITH IT – SEASON 1. (DVD) Big Blind Media, 2017. As new. Now offered at $28.00

Brook, Paul. AT THE TABLE. (Mentalism DVD) Murphy’ Magic. 2017. As new, Now offered at $10.00

Burger, Eugene. THE EXPERIENCE OF MAGIC. (Book) n.pl, Kaufman and Greenberg, 1989. First edition. 139pp., illus., 4to. Black cloth in dust jacket; former owner name sticker; o/w a fine copy, now offered at $40.00

Congreave, Chris. OMEN. (Mentalism Routine) Alakazam, Comes complete with special Omen deck, full DVD instructions, and web registration code for new updates and tips. New. Retails for $35.00, now offered at $30.00

De La Torre, Jose. ASCANIO’S WORLD OF KNIVES. (Book) Belleville, Jose’s Studio, 1975. First edition. (Stated) 94pp., illus., 8vo. Pictorial wraps. As new. Now offered at $30.00

Dexter, Will. 131 MAGIC TRICKS FOR AMATEURS. (Book) New York, Arc Books, 1968. 158pp., illus., 8vo. Paperbound. Fine. Now offered at $9.00

Dickinson, Joel. HEAD TRICKS. (Book) n.pl., TaDaa/Magic Design Hub, 2018. (64pp.), illus., 8vo. Paperbound. Card and wed instruction site link laid in. New. Now offered at $45.00

Fetsch, Ken. WALLET WALLOP. (Vintage Trick) A Gene Gordon Product, circa 1950’s early ‘’60’s. Includes two small ID style wallets, discovered cards and complete instructions in original mimeographed envelope. Overall condition is VG. Now offered at $12.00

Fleischman, Sid. LOOK BEHIND YOU LADY and THE VENETIAN BLONDE. (Fiction by a Magician with a Magic Character) Eureka, Stark House, 2006. 269pp., 8vo. Paperbound. Some unfortunate creases on the front cover, o/w VG. Now offered at $16.00

Fulves, Karl. FR. CYPRIAN ON THE HOFZINSER CARD PROBLEM. (Book) Teaneck, Karl Fulves, 1978. 24pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Fine. Now offered at $25.00

Fulves, Karl. ORIGINS. (Book) Teaneck, Karl Fulves, 1981. 56pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Plus a $3.00 hand-written credit slip from “Karl” laid in. Fine. Now offered at $30.00

Ganson, Lewis. ROUTINED MANIPULATION (Three-Part Book Set) ROUTINED MANIPULATION, PART I. and ROUTINED MANIPULATION, PART II. New York, Tannen Magic, Inc., n.d. Second edition. 118pp./133pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps; and ROUTINED MANIPULATION, FINALE. New York, Louis Tannen, n.d. 254pp., illus., 8vo. Blue cloth. Minor wear at the corners and spine at the foot of the hardbound volume; the back cover of Part I is torn and missing (about 1.75” from the top); o/w VG. All three parts – offered as a set for $40.00

Gresham, William Lindsay. HOUDINI: THE MAN WHO WALKS THROUGH WALLS. (Book) New York, McFadden Books, 1967. 263pp., illus., bibliog./notes. 8vo. Paperbound. VG. Now offered at $8.00

Jay, Joshua. JOSHUA JAY’S AMAZING BOOK OF CARDS. (Book with DVD) New York, Workman Publishing, 2010. 200pp., illus., index, 4to. Paperbound. New. Retails for $19.00, now offered at $16.00

Jay, Joshua. MAGIC: THE COMPLETE COURSE. (Book with DVD) New York, Workman Publishing, 2008. 278pp., illus., index, 4to. Paperbound. New. Retails for $20.00, now offered at $16.00

[Los Angeles Conference on Magic History] THE SIXTH LOS ANGELES CONFERENCE ON MAGIC HISTORY. (Program) Los Angeles Conference on Magic History, 1999. 28pp., illus., 4to. Wraps. Conference in Los Angeles November 11, 12 and 13, 1999 featured programs and exhibits, plus the recreation of David Devant’s Magic Play WILL, THE MASCOT MOTH. Recreated handbill tipped in. A fine copy. Now offered at $25.00.

[Magic Collectors’ Association] PROGRAM OF THE TWENTY-FOURTH MEETING OF THE MAGIC COLLECTORS' ASSOCIATION. (Souvenir Program) Guests of Honor William H. Brewe and Frank J. Herman. Quality Hotel Riverview: Greater Cincinnati, May 6th, 7th & 8th, 1993. Number 23 of 200 numbered with 250 printed. 36pp., illus., 4to. Pictorial wraps. Near fine. Now offered at $25.00

[MagicMakers] MIND BENDER. (DVD) Magic Makers, Inc., 2004. Three featured effects presented by Chad Sanborn. Outer case has been scratched—damaging clear plastic and cover—o/w DVD is undamaged. Now offered at $12.00

[Marlo, Edward] (Four Book Lot) A Marlo Miscellaney – Four books including: ACTION PALM – REVOLUTIONARY CARD TECHNIQUE – CHAPTER TWO (1969, 54pp.); COINING MAGIC (1963, 40pp.; ESTIMATION – REVOLUTIONARY CARD TECHNIQUE – CHAPTER THIRTEEN AND FOURTEEN (1971, 80pp.); and OFF THE TOP (1974, 27pp.). All four are 8vo in wraps and published by either Marlo himself, Ireland Magic or Magic, Inc. VG. All four offered as a lot for $30.00

[Monroe, Willy] CARD ART. (DVD) Machento, 2017. DVD and card puzzle included. As new. Now offered at $28.00

RICHARD'S ALMANAC. (Magazine File – ADB#5895) Richard Kaufman. New York. Monthly until 1985 and quarterly thereafter. Printed. 8.5 x 11. A complete file from Volume One, Number One through Volume 3: Winter, 1985. All are individual loose issues. As a lot. Now offered at $40.00

Romanos. GERTI REBORN – U.S. QUARTER VERSION. (Trick with DVD) Gimmick and On-Line Instructions. Now offered at $20.00

[Sankey, Jay] HOLY MOLY. (Trick) Comes with a set of four specially machined metal washers and complete instructions for both a “super simple” and more sophisticated handling. In original packaging. Retails for $20.00…now only $16.00

Steinmeyer, Jim. JARRETT. (Book) Chicago, Magic, Inc., 1981. First revised ed. 187pp., illus., 4to. Cloth in dj. Dj has several nicks, tears and creases at the edges, but is now in a protective Mylar sleeve; o/w VG. Now offered at $35.00

Temple, Phil, with Robert E. Olson. A MAGICIAN'S TOUR - REVISITED - BEING THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF THE AMERICAN NOSTRADAMUS, HARRY KELLAR, AS TOLD BY HIS FAITHFUL "FAMILIAR", "SATAN, JR." AND HEREIN RETOLD BY PHIL TEMPLE WITH ROBERT E. OLSON. (Book) Novato, CA, Phil Temple, 2000. 226pp., illus., bibliog., poster listing/credits, 4to. Cloth in dj. PLUS, a 56 page reproduction (1999) of KELLAR'S WONDER BOOK. Lightly used, o/w VG+. Now offered at $65.00

[Wild, Boris] THE BORIS WILD MARKED DECK PROJECT. (Two-DVD Set) Big Blind Media, 2017. New – still shrink-wrapped. Bow offered at $34.00

Zander, John. PRECIOUS METAL. (Props and instructions) Comedy spoon bend and surprise transposition. Spoon gimmick and complete instructions. Pre-owned, but VG. Now offered at $16.00


Minch, Stephen. JOHN CARNEY’S CARNEYCOPIA. (Inscribed/Signed Book) Tahoma, CA, L & L Publishing, 1991. First edition. 266pp., illus., 8vo. Cloth in dj. Inscribed to Tom. Near fine. Now offered at $56.00

Schneider, Al. AL SCHNEIDER ON CLOSE-UP. (Signed Book) Minneapolis, Goldshadow Industries, 1980. First edition. Signed on the title page. 143pp., illus., 8vo. White cloth over boards. No dust jacket – as issued. Near Fine. Now offered at $66.00

Schneider, Al. AL SCHNEIDER ON ZOMBIE. (Inscribed/Signed Book) Minneapolis, Goldshadow Industries, 1981. First edition. 89pp., illus., 8vo. Gold boards. No dj--as issued. Lightly soiled with some minor mars and stains; o/w VG+. Inscribed “To Tom…” and signed on the title page. Now offered at $31.00


[Abbott's Magic Company.] ABBOTT’S MAGIC CATALOG NO. 6 (Magic Catalog) Colon, MI. Abbott’s Magic Novelty Company, 1940. 544pp., illus., 8vo. Paperbound. A truly Fine catalog of this vintage. Now offered at $32.00

Alan, Don. (Two Booklet Lot) This lot includes: CLOSE-UP TIME WITH DON ALAN (Ireland, 1951, 20pp.) and PRETTY SNEAKY (Ireland, 1956, 48pp.). Both are first editions and 8vo in wraps, VG+. Offered at $16.00

Allen, Jon. SIMPLE MAGIC TRICKS – EASY TO LEARN MAGIC TRICKS WITH EVERYDAY OBJECTS. (Book) New York, Octopus Books, 2004, 128pp., illus., index, wide 8vo. Paperbound. VG+. Now offered at $6.00

[Ammar, Michael] EASY TO MASTER THREAD MIRACLES, VOLUMES 1 - 3. (Videocassette set) New - still shrink-wrapped. As a set. Set retails for $100.00, now only $19.00

Ammar, Michael. MICHAEL AMMAR PRESENTS ENCORE II. (Lecture Notes) Bluefield, WV, Secret Service, 1981. 44pp., illus., 4to. Wraps. VG+. Now offered at $8.00

[Andrews, Carl] TABLE HOPPING CUPS & BALLS. (DVD) Magic Smith, 2002. Has been opened and presumably viewed. Retails for $30.00, now only $18.00

Braco (Ralf Wichmann). THE INVISIBLE THREAD BOOK. (Book) London, Martin Breese Limited, 1984. Second edition. 80pp., illus., 8vo. Pictorial wraps. As new. Now offered at $12.00

Brandon, Ruth. THE LIFE AND MANY DEATHS OF HARRY HOUDINI. (Book) New York, Random House, 1993. 353 pp., illus., notes, bibliog., index, 8vo. Paperbound. Shows evidence of having been read, but overall VG. Now offered at $9.00

[Bratlie, Geir] INFUSION – ONE COIN, ONE GLASS, NO GIMMICKS. (DVD) Ellusionist, 2005. Has been opened and presumably viewed. Now only $22.00

[Carey, John] THE ESSENTIAL JOHN CAREY – 20 SPELLBINDING EFFECTS WITH CARDS, COINS & MENTALISM. (Two-DVD Set) Alakazam Magic. New. Now offered at $24.00

Carlton, Paul. MAGICIAN’S HANDY BOOK OF CIGARETTE TRICKS: THE 23 BEST MAGIC TRICKS DONE WITH CIGARETTES, CARDS & COINS. (Advertising Premium – Booklet) Winston-Salem, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, 1933. 36pp., illus., 12mo. B&W wraps. This is not the full color version of the later booklet, but a b&w version in Fine condition. Now offered at $7.00

Christopher, Milbourne. THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF MAGIC. (Book) New York, Thomas Y. Crowell Co., 1973. First edition. 452pp., bibliog.., index, 4to. Cloth. Lacks dust jacket z9but panels have been trimmed and laid in); spine is sun-faded; o/w VG. Now offered at $5.00
CLOWNING AROUND. (Magazine Lot) Publication or The World Clown Associateion. Bill Knowles, et. al., Green Valley, IL, etc. Bi-monthly. Printed 8.5” x 11”. A miscellaneous run of 39 issues starting in August, 1995 thru October-November, 2002 (Volume 20: November 5).All 39 issues offered as a lot for $40.00

Daws, Jamie. HE’S NOT HERE – DARK SERIES #3. (DVD and Props) Alakazam Magic. Includes all props and instructional DVD. As new. Now offered at $27.00

Ganson, Lewis. COLOMBINI’S CUPS AND BALLS. (Book) Bideford, Devon, Eng., Supreme, 1981. 26pp., illus., 8vo+. Slick wraps. VG. $9.00

Ganson, Lewis. UNCONVENTIONAL MAGIC. (Book) Bideford, Supreme Magic Company, n.d. 57pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps.VG. Now offered at $9.00

Gibson, Walter B. THE COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF CARD MAGIC: THE PRINCIPLES AND PROFESSIONAL TECHNIQUES FULLY REVEALED IN TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHS. (Book) Garden City, Doubleday, 1969. 470pp., illus., glossary, index, 4to. Cloth. Slight stress pull at top of spine; o/w VG+. Now offered at $36.00

Goldenberg, Haim and Guy Bavli. BETWEEN TWO MINDS. (Three-DVD Set) Pro-Magic. 2006. As new. Retails for $120.00, get all three volumes now for $90.00

Good, Arthur. 100 AMAZING MAGIC TRICKCS. (Book) New York, Pinncale Books, 1977. 128pp., illus., 4to. Paperbound. VG+. Now offered at $10.00

[Hallema, Flip] FLIP’S TRULY MAGICAL ROPE MAGIC. (DVD) L&L Publishing, 2002. Now offered at $12.00

Harris, Paul. LINKING LACES. (Book with DVD) n.pl., Paul Harris, 2016. 28pp., illus., 4to. Book with DVD. New. Now offered at $9.00

[Hecklau, Alex] SPOON AROUND. (Routines and Gimmick) Three routines and gimmick. Complete instructions (booklet and DVD) with props and performance rights certificate. Comes in plastic carrying case. Currently shown sold out on Hecklau’s website. New. Now offered at $55.00

HIEROPHANT. (Single Magazine Issue – ABD #2705) Jon Racherbaumer. Metairie, LA. Quarterly. Printed 8.5 x 11. Number 3 (Spring Issue, March, 1970). (68pp.), illus. Near fine. $10.00

HIEROPHANT. (Single Magazine Issue – ABD #2705) Jon Racherbaumer. Metairie, LA. Quarterly. Printed 8.5 x 11. Number 4, Summer Issue (June, 1970). (48pp.), illus. Near fine. $10.00

HIEROPHANT. (Single Magazine Issue – ABD #2705) Jon Racherbaumer. Metairie, LA. Quarterly. Printed 8.5 x 11. Number 5-6, Anniversary Issue (Fall-Spring, 1970-71). (86pp.), illus. Near fine. $14.00

Take all three Hierophants for $30.00

[Hot Rod] THE MAGICAL HOT ROD. (Apparatus with Instructions) Magic Makers. Changes colors three times and can be handed out for inspection. Brass construction. Has been used, but VG+. In original packaging. Now offered at $22.00

Hunter, Norman. THE PUFFIN BOOK OF MAGIC. (Book) Baltimore, Penguin Books, 1968. 128pp., illus., 12mo, Paperbound. Fine. Now offered at $8.00

James, Stewart (compiler) ABBOTT’S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ROPE TRICKS. (Book) Colon, Abbott’s Magic Novelty Co., n.d. First edition. 400 pp., illus., 8vo. Dark green cloth. No dust jacket (as issued), but o/w a nice tight copy; VG+. Now offered at $14.00

Lanners, Edi. COLUMBUS EGG - TRICKS, GAMES, EXPERIMENTS. (Book) New York, Paddington Press, 1978. 192pp., illus., 8vo. Pictorial boards. VG. Now offered at $10.00

Larsen, Milt. HOLLYWOOD ILLUSION: MAGIC CASTLE. (Book) Hollywood, Brookledge Corporation, 2000. First edition. 219pp., illus., 4to. Pictorial boards. New. Now offered at $19.00

LEGERDEMAIN (Magazine lot - ADB #3295) A mixed lot of 25 issues of this dealer house organ published by John Fabjance of Bethalto, Illinois in the late-1970’s to early 1980’s. Magazines are printed, 8.5 x 11 size. This lot includes: Volume1: Nos. 1-9 (Feb. ‘77 - Oct. ‘77) and No. 12 (Jan. 1978); Volume 2: Nos. 1-7 and No. 12; and Volume 3: No. 1, 5, 6, 9/10 and 11; plus V4 No. 1 and 2 (April 1981). The issues appear to be complete and in Good to VG+ condition. All issues as a lot for $20.00

[Leval, Lewis] PAINT THE ROSES RED. (DVD) The1914.com, 2012. New. Now offered at $8.00

Longe, Bob. CLEVER CLOSE-UP MAGIC. (Book) New York, Sterling Publishing, 2003. 159pp., illus., index, 4to. Light wear at the extremities; o/w VG+. Now offered at $7.00

[Magic Set] THE GREATEST MAGIC SHOW ON EARTH. (Magic Kit) Top That! Magic Publishing, 2004, Briefcase magic kit. Complete with all tricks books, props, etc. in a 8.7 x 2,4 x 11 inches carrying case. As new. For some reason this seems to be offered from commercial sites at $99 and above, but would be happy to sell this one for a mere $60.00

Mendoza, John F. THE "EXCELLENCE" OF DAN FLESHMAN. (Book) O'Fallon, IL, Tom Westerheide, 1983. 95pp., illus., 4to. Plastic comb bound. Near fine. Now only $8.00

[Niedzwiecki, Russ] JUST PASSIN’ THRU. (Trick with DVD) Murphy’ s Magic Supplies, 2003. Includes props, instrutions and DVD, As new. Now offered at $16.00

[Osterlind, Richard] THE OSTERLIND DESIGN DUPLICATION SYSTEM. (Mentalism) Complete with instructions and all of the components. New. Retails for $30.00…now only $14.00

Osterlind, Richard. ZODIAC REVOLUTION PLUS. (Trick) Osterlind Mysteries, 2013. Booklet (16pp., illus., 8vo, wraps) with props in original 9” x 12” envelope. As new. Retails for $20.00, now offered at $14.00

[Pace, Jim] VISU-ANTICS: EYE-POPPING MAGIC. (DVD) As new. Now offered at $12.00

PHOENIX. (Bond Magazine Issues - ABD #5600) Walter Gibson/Bruce Elliott. New York. B-weekly. Printed. 8.5 x 11. PHOENIX 151-200. Bound in burgundy buckram. Fine. Now offered at $12.00

PHOENIX. (Bond Magazine Reprint - ABD #5600) Walter Gibson/Bruce Elliott. New York. B-weekly. Printed. 8.5 x 11. PHOENIX 251-300. New York, Louis Tannen, n.d. 100+pp., illus., index, 4to. Cloth. Fine. Offered at $10.00

Platt, John. INTERNATIONALLY FAMOUS CUPS AND BALLS. (Book) n.pl., n.p., n.d. 13pp., illus., 8vo. Slick wraps. A fine copy. Offered at $9.00

Reynolds, Charles and Regina. 100 YEARS OF MAGIC POSTERS. (Book) New York, Darien House, 1975. First edition. 112pp., illus., Quarto (approximately 11 x 16). Paperbound. Damp stain along edges with some slight stiffness; posters themselves are in great shape; overall quite Good. Now offered at $32.00

Sachs, Edwin T. SLEIGHT-OF-HAND: A PRACTICAL MANUAL OF LEGERDEMAIN 0 AMATEURS AND OTHERS. (Book) Berkeley Heights, NJ, Fleming Book Company, 1946. 400pp., illus., index, 8vo. Cloth. Gold stamping on cover27 bit faded; o/w a nice clean tight copy; VG+. Now offered at $22.00

[Sankey, Jay] BACKBREAKERS. (Trick) Sankey Magic, 2003. Specially printed cards with complete printed instructions. As new. Now offered at $6.00

[Sankey, Jay] SANKEY’S SECRET FILES VOLUME ONE and VOLUME TWP. (Two DVD Lot) Sankey Magic, 2002. As new. Both offered as a lot for $20.00

Saxon, Kurt. THE POOR MAN’S JAMES BOND. (Book) Harrison, Atlan Formularies, 1972. 146pp., illus., bibliog., index. 4to/Oversized. Paperbound. Some dampstain along bottom edges; o/w VG. Now offered at $18.00

Thurston, Howard. 400 TRICKS YOU CAN DO – TWO VOLUMES IN ONE. (Book) Garden City, NY, Blue Ribbon Books, Inc., 1940. (400pp.), illus., 8vo. Blue cloth boards. Shows some wear at extremities; page 153/154 is damaged, but fully readable; o/w VG. Now offered at $18.00

Van Cleve (Cleve Ernst Haubold). ELWOOD RABIT RITES. (Inscribed/Signed Book) n.pl., Van Cleve, 1978. First edition. 34pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Inscribed to “Don” and signed by Elwood himself. Near fine. Now offered at $22.00

[Wiles, Caleb] THE KNOCKOUT MAGIC OF CALEB WILES. (Two-DVD set) Vanishing Inc. New. Now offered at $24.00

Wilson, Mark. MARK WILSON'S COMPLETE COURSE IN MAGIC. (Book) Philadelphia, Courage Books, 1988. 472pp., illus., 4to. Pictorial boards in matching dust jacket. Near fine. Now offered at $8.00


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