FSH: One Fulves, Two Harbin and lots and lots more

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FSH: One Fulves, Two Harbin and lots and lots more

Postby Dan Bradbury » February 1st, 2018, 11:48 pm

Greetings! We’re just back from beyond the wall—not battling White Walkers in the north (though we did see a lot of Canadians), but enjoying the hospitality of our friends to the south—as they say on the “fun side of the wall!” So, refreshed, recharged and maybe a bit browner, here is our latest installment (distributed Thursday evening, February 1, 2018) of the Reverse Auction of magic books, media, catalogs and memorabilia. Remember, once listed, prices go DOWN by approximately 10% each week a new list is published and the item remains on the list. If you see something of interest, verify availability with an email query and we will respond with the total cost including shipping at standard and priority rates.

As always, we "GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION" with all items we sell, or your money back! If you want to return an item for any reason, we offer a full refund of the purchase price. Payment options and other details are at the end of the listing.

******NEW THIS WEEK********NEW THIS WEEK********NEW THIS WEEK******

Bernstein, Bruce. WILL POWER. (Book with Props) Chicago, Bruce Bernstein, 2016. 12pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. Complete with required gimmicks. As new. Now offered at $45.00

Einhorn, Nicholas. THE PRACTICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MAGIC. (Book) London, Hermes House, 2009. 256pp., illus., glossary, list of suppliers, index, 4to. Soft pictorial covers. As new. Now offered at $10.00

Farmer, Bob. BEAT'EM, CHEAT'EM AND LEAVE'EM BLEEDIN'. Brockville, Ontario, Every Trick in the Book, Inc., 1994. 38pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. As new. $6.00


Harbin, Robert. HARBIN X: EARLY HARBIN and HARBINCADABRA. (Two-volume set) New York, Magico, 2002. 600+pp., illus., index, 8vo. Cloth in slipcase. In Volume 1, William Broecker has scoured the annals of Magic, from newspaper clippings, manuscripts, magazine articles, dozens of Abra contributions, pamphlets, books, etc. to bring you the most complete collection of Robert Harbin's legacy to Magic; Volume 2 is a reprint of HARBINCADABRA, plus an index to both volumes. New - still sealed in the original shrink-wrap. Retails at $120.00, now offered at $100.00

Harris, Paul. LINKING LACES. (Book with DVD) n.pl., Paul Harris, 2016. 28pp., illus., 4to. Book with DVD. New. Now offered at $20.00

Joseph, Eddie. THE LAST WORD ON CUPS AND BALLS. (Book) Colon, Abbott’s Magic Novelty Company, 1942. 69pp., illus., 8vo. Plastic comb bound, o/w VG+. Now offered at $10.00

Kopf, Jerald. NOTHING BUT THE FAMILY DECK. (Book) n.pl., Dark Arts Press, 2016. 36pp., 8vo. Wraps. As new now offered at $20.00

Kopf, Jerald. VATICINIUM EX EVENTU. (Book) n.pl., Dark Arts Press, 2016. 44pp., 8vo. Wraps. As new. Now offered at $35.00

Kopf, Jerald and John Wilson. LE PETIT LIVRE BLANC. (Book and Cards) n.pl., Dark Arts Press, 2017. 27pp., 12mo. Wraps. Includes cards in cloth carrying case. As new now offered at $45.00

Lesley, Ted. PARAMIRACLES. (Book) (Trans. Bill Palmer and Oliver Erens) Seattle, Hermetic Press, 1994. First edition. 293pp., illus., 8vo. Cloth in dj. Very lightly worn dj; o/w Near Fine. Now offered at $40.00

Ogden, Tom. THE FIRST TIME AROUND and ON STAGE - TOM OGDEN LECTURE – NUMBER TWO. (Two-Book Lecture Notes Set) n.pl., By the author, n.d. 20pp./12pp.., illus., 8vo. Wraps.VG. Both offered as a lot for $10.00

Steinmeyer, Jim. IMPUZZIBILITIES: STRANGELY SELF-WORKING CONJURING. (Book) Burbank, CA, Hahne, 2005. Second Printing. 30pp., illus., wide 12mo. Wraps. Retails for $16.00, now only $14.00

Wilson, John. YOU AND ME AND THE DEVIL MAKES THREE – VOLUMES 1 & 2. (Two-Volume Book Set) N.pl., Dark Arts Press, 2016. 28pp./32pp., illus., 4to. Wraps. Currently out of stock at many dealers. Now offered as a lot at $80.00


Gardner, Martin. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF IMPROMPTU MAGIC. (Collectible Book) Chicago, Magic, Inc., 1978. First edition. 574pp., illus., index, to. Orange cloth with gold stamping. Shows some light use; o/w a near fine copy. Now offered at $190.00

Gill, Robert. MAGIC AS A PERFORMING ART - A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CONJURING. (Collector’s Bibliography - Book) London, Bowker,1976. 252pp., 8vo. Cloth in dust jacket. First bibliography of performing magic that contains fully annotated entries evaluating the literature. A fine copy. Now offered at $61.00

Miller, Hugh. AL KORAN’S LEGACY. (First Edition Book) London, Repro71, 1972. First edition. 180pp., illus., 8vo. Black cloth in very nice dust jacket. A Near Fine copy of this first edition. We’ll sell this one for $40.00

Schneider, Al. AL SCHNEIDER ON ZOMBIE. (Inscribed/Signed Book) Minneapolis, Goldshadow Industries, 1981. First edition. 89pp., illus., 8vo. Gold boards. No dj--as issued. Lightly soiled with some minor mars and stains; o/w VG+. Inscribed “To Tom…” and signed on the title page. Now offered at $59.00

Scot, Reginald. THE DISCOVERIE OF WITCHCRAFT. (Historical Classic in a Handsome Volume) Arendel, England, Centaur Press, 1964. Introduction by Hugh Ross Williamson. 400pp., illus., 4to. Dark blue/black cloth with gold stamping on the spine. A fine reprint of this famous book which contains one of the earliest references to conjuring. Small O’Dowd ownership stamp inside front cover, o/w a near fine bright copy. Offered on ABE at $125.00, we’ll let this one go for $91.00

Sharpe, Alton (Comp). EXPERT CARD MYSTERIES – SLEIGHT-OF-HAND WITH CARDS SINGLY EXPLAINED AND ILLUSTRATED. (Special Edition Book) n.pl., Alton Sharpe, 1971. First edition of a limited deluxe edition. 195pp., illus., 8vo. Green cloth with black stamping. Contents page has a check mark and one item underlined and there is some underlining on pp. 37-38; o/w VG+. Now offered at $43.00


Ammar, Michael. THE COMMAND PERFORMANCE – PREMIER ISSUE, THE COMMAND PERFORMANCE – ENCORE I – ISSUE TWO and ENCORE II – NUMBER THREE OF THE COMMAND PERFORMANCE SERIES. (Three-Book Set) Morgantown, The Secret Service, 1980. 32pp., 28pp. and 44pp. respectively, illus., 4to. Side-stapledraps. Fine. Now all three offered as a lot at $23.00

[Ammar, Michael] EASY TO MASTER THREAD MIRACLES, VOLUMES 1 - 3. (Videocassette set) New - still shrink-wrapped. As a set. Set retails for $100.00, now only $36.00

[Ammar, Michael] MAGICAL ARTS JOURNAL PRESENTS PAUL HARRIS THE ACT. (Periodical– ADB/SAF #41855) Magical Arts Journal. Volume Two: No. 9, 10, 11, 12. Austin, TX, 1989. 64pp., illus., 4to. Wraps. Former owner name label, o/w VG+. Now offered at $8.00

[Ammar, Michael] MAGICAL ARTS JOURNAL – TRIPLE ISSUE. (Periodical– ADB/SAF #41855) Magical Arts Journal. Volume Two: No. 4, 5 & 6. Austin, TX, 1989. 48pp., illus., 4to. Wraps. Former owner name label, o/w near fine. Now offered at $5.00

[Ammar, Michael] CLASSIC RENDITIONS, VOLUME IV. (DVD) New – still shrink-wrapped. Retailed for $35.00, now only $7.00

Andrus, Jerry. SAFETY PIN-TRIX: AN ARRAY OF TRULY BEWIDERING EFFECTS WITH THE LOWLY SAFETY PIN. (Book) Albany, J A Enterprises, 1972. 79pp., illus., 8vo. Plastic comb-bound. Fine. Now offered at $14.00

Blackstone, Harry. BLACKSTONE’S MODERN CARD TRICKS. (Book) New York, A.L. Burt, 1932. First edition. 204 pages, illus., 8Vo. Red cloth. A few spots, scuffs or mars on cover; spine slightly darker than front and back covers; o/w VG. Now offered at $16.00

Blackstone, Harry. BLACKSTONE’S MODERN CARD TRICKS AND SECRETS OF MAGIC. (Book) Garden City, Garden City Publishing, 1941. First combined edition, 301 pages, illus., 8vo. Red cloth. Lightly scuffed ad worn at extremities; pulled at top of spine with about ¼ inch of spine loss; o/w Good. Offered at $12.00

Bobo, J.B. THE NEW MODERN COIN MAGIC. (Book)) Chicago, IL, Magic, Inc., 1966. Revised and enlarged edition. 519pp., illus., bibliog., index, 4to. Blue cloth with gold stamping. Lacks dj; some underlining; o/w VG. Now offered at $12.00

Braco (Ralf Wichmann). THE INVISIBLE THREAD BOOK. (Book) London, Martin Breese Limited, 1984. Second edition. 80pp., illus., 8vo. Pictorial wraps. As new. Now offered at $24.00

Carlton, Paul. MAGICIAN’S HANDY BOOK OF CIGARETTE TRICKS: THE 23 BEST MAGIC TRICKS DONE WITH CIGARETTES, CARDS & COINS. (Advertising Premium – Booklet) Winston-Salem, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, 1933. 36pp., illus., 12mo. B&W wraps. This is not the full color version of the later booklet, but a b&w version in Fine condition. Now offered at $16.00

Caslant, E. THE METHOD FOR DEVELOPING SUPERNORMAL POWERS. (Book) London, Instant Improvement, Inc., 1988. 44pp., 8vo. Wraps. Some underlining in the preface. Rubbed lightly along back of spine. Now offered at $6.00

Christopher, Milbourne. HOUDINI: A PICTORAL BIOGRAPHY. (Book) New York, Gramercy Books, 1998. 218 pp., more than 250 illus., bibliog., index., 4to. Cloth in DJ. VG+. Now offered at $9.00

Christopher, Milbourne. THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF MAGIC. (Book) New York, Thomas Y. Crowell Co., 1973. First edition. 452pp., bibliog.., index, 4to. Cloth. Lacks dust jacket z9but panels have been trimmed and laid in); spine is sun-faded; o/w VG. Now offered at $12.00
Christopher, Milbourne, and Maurine Christopher. THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF MAGIC. (Book) New York, Carroll and Graff, 2006. Updated edition. 514pp., illus., bibliog., index, 4to. Paperbound. New, but shopworn thumbed. Retails for $28.00, now only $7.00

Christopher, Milbourne. PANORAMA OF MAGIC. (Book) New York, Dover Publications, 1962. First Dover edition. 216 pp., illus. (several in full color), index., 4to. Paperbound. Some slight delamination on the cover, o/w VG+. Now offered at $10.00

[Daryl] MASTER COURSE – SPONGE BALLS – VOLUME 1-3 – CONCEPTS FOR THE ADVANCED MAGICIAN. (Three-DVD Lot) Essentials in Magic. New offered as a lot at $32.00

Demarais, Kirk. ‘LIFE OF THE PARTY’ A VISUAL HISTORY OF THE S.S. ADAMS COMPANY MAKERS OF PRANKS & MAGIC FOR 100 YEARS. (Book) Neptune, NJ, S.S. Adams LLC, 2006. First edition. 200pp., illus., 4to. Pictorial boards. New. Retails for $46.00, now only $28.00

Deveen, D. EXPERT CIGARETTE MAGIC – AN ORIGINAL TREATISE ON THE ART AND PRACTISE OF CIGARETTE NECROMANCY. (Book) London, Edward Bagshawe, n.d. (early 1900’s) 59pp., illus., 8vo. Black cloth with gold stamping. Some rubbing and a few nicks and dings; small chunk (1/4”) missing from the spine; upper face corner has what appears to be bite marks (from either a dog or other small animal or a frustrated practitioner trying to master acquitment); former owner name on front end paper; o/w fairly good. Now offered at $20.00

Fisher, John. TOMMY COOPER – ALWAYS LEAVE THEM LAUGHING. (Book) New York, Harper, 2007. 470pp., illus., index, 8vo. Paperbound. Show very light wear; o/w VG+. Now offered at $10.00

Fulves, Karl. SELF-WORKING MENTAL MAGIC: 67 FOOLPROOF MIND-READING TRICKS. New York, Dover, 1979. 121pp., illus., 8vo. Paperbound. As new. Now offered at $6.00

Ganson, Lewis. THE COMPLETE GANSON MAGIC TEACH-IN SERIES. (Book) Tahoma, L&L Publishing, 2010. 570pp., illus., 4to. Cloth in dj. New - still shrink-wrapped. Retails for $80.00, now offered at $39.00

Ganson, Lewis. DAI VERNON’S SYMPHONY OF THE RINGS. (Book) Bideford, Supreme, 1976. 26pp., illus., 8vo. Wraps. VG+. Now offered at $7.00

Ganson, Lewis. MAGIC OF THE MIND: A COLLECTION OF OVER FIFTY MENTAL EFFECTS. (Book) London, Harry Stanley/Unique Magic Studio, n.d. 114pp. (+ads), illus., 8vo. Black cloth in a dj roughed and chipped dust jacket (now in a Mylar cover). DJ has several chips and small tears around top edge and is missing the bottom two-inches of the spine section; light interior foxing on end papers; o/w book itself isVG. Offered by another dealer at $75.00, we’ll let this one go at $28.00

[Gerard, Andrew and Ran Pink] CMTRILOGY – CONSCIOUS MAGIC EPISODES I, II & III. (Three - DVD Set) Four-hour limited edition boxed set. New and still shrink-wrapped, but one of the vinyl cases has been cracked in shipping, so we will include a replacement vinyl case for easy replacement. Now offered at $54.00

Gibson, Walter B. THE COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF CLOSE-UP MAGIC: PROFESSIONAL TECHNIQUES FULLY REVEALED BY A MASTER MAGICIAN. (Book) New York, Doubleday, 1980. 426pp., illus., glossary, index, 4to. Cloth. Lacks the original Dust jacket, but is o/w Near Fine. Now offered at $21.00

Gravatt, Glenn. GLENN GRAVATT'S TREASURE TROVE OF TRICKS. (Book) Oakland, Magic Limited/Lloyd E. Jones, 1971. 290pp., illus., 8vo. Pebbled cloth with gold stamping on the spine and front cover. Slight browning on the endpapers; o/w Fine. Now offered at $16.00

Harris, Ben. THE CROSSROADS DECK. (Book) Queensland, Media T Marketing, 2009. Foreword by Peter Duffie.34pp., illus., 4to. Stiff wraps. New. Retails at $35.00, now offered at $9.00

Hatton, Henry and Adrian Plate. MAGICIANS’ TRICKS: HOW THEY ARE DONE. (Book) New York, The Century Co., 1910. First edition. 344pp., illus., appendix, 12mo+. Cloth pictorial boards. Somewhat soiled with slightly darkened (but wholly readable) spine; former owner bookplate; o/w VG. Now offered at $49.00

[Hecklau, Alex] SPOON AROUND. (Routines and Gimmick) Three routines and gimmick. Complete instructions (booklet and DVD) with props and performance rights certificate. Comes in plastic carrying case. Currently shown sold out on Hecklau’s website. New. Now offered at $61.00

Hooper, Edwin. A HOST OF SUPRISES – MORE NOVEL MAGIC FROM EDWIN HOOPER. (Book) Bideford, Devon, Eng., Edwin’s Magic Arts, 1990. 313pp., illus., 4to. Cloth boards in dj. New. Now offered at $22.00

Houdini, Harry. A MAGICIAN AMONG THE SPIRITS. (Book) New York, Arno Press, 1972. (Reprint of 1924 edition) 294pp., illus., index, 8vo. Red cloth. Lacks dust jacket and cloth cover is lightly worn at extremities and a bit faded/discolored; o/w VG. Now offered at $12.00

[Houdini] THE HOUDINI SOUVENIR PROGRAM. (Facsimile Program) Pomeroy, OH, Lee Jacobs Productions, 1979. (facsimile reproduction of 1925 program). 16pp. + new covers with added material, illus., 4to. Saddle stapled in wraps. VG+. Now offered at $10.00

Hugard, Jean and Frederick Braue. THE ROYAL ROAD TO CARD MAGIC. (Book) London, Faber and Faber, n.d.. Third impression. 302pp., illus., index. 8vo. Cloth. Panels from original dust jacket have been trimmed and laid in;some underlining and highlighting on first 35pp.; o/w VG. Now offered at $8.00

[Jenest, Mark] THE NO. 2 PENCIL. (Trick) From Magic Smith. Props and complete instructions. As new. Now offered at $8.00

Johnson, Roy. THE ROY JOHNSON EXPERIENCE. (Book) n.pl., Goodliffe, 1970. First edition. 76 pp., illus., 8. Cloth. Lacks a dust jacket; very light wear at the extremities; o/w VG+. Now offered at $9.00

Kaye, David. SERIOUSLY SILLY: HOW TO ENTERTAIN CHILDREN WITH MAGIC AND COMEDY. Washington, DC, Kaufman and Company, 2005. First edition. 163pp., illus., 4to. Cloth in dj. New. Retails for $52.00, now only $24.00

Kraig, Donald Michael. THE TRUTH ABOUT PSYCHIC POWERS. (Book) St. Paul, Llewellyn Publications, 1992. 28pp. (+2pp. ads), 8vo. Wraps. Former owner name label, o/w VG. Now offered at $5.00

Larsen, Milt. HOLLYWOOD ILLUSION: MAGIC CASTLE. (Book) Hollywood, Brookledge Corporation, 2000. First edition. 219pp., illus., 4to. Pictorial boards. New. Now offered at $36.00

Leech, Alfred B. AL LEECH’S LEGACY. (Book) Chicago, Magic, Inc., 1980. First edition. 125pp, illus., 8vo. Plastic comb bound. Some underlining and margin notes, o/w VG. Now offered at $7.00
LEGERDEMAIN (Magazine lot - ADB #3295) A mixed lot of 25 issues of this dealer house organ published by John Fabjance of Bethalto, Illinois in the late-1970’s to early 1980’s. Magazines are printed, 8.5 x 11 size. This lot includes: Volume1: Nos. 1-9 (Feb. ‘77 - Oct. ‘77) and No. 12 (Jan. 1978); Volume 2: Nos. 1-7 and No. 12; and Volume 3: No. 1, 5, 6, 9/10 and 11; plus V4 No. 1 and 2 (April 1981). The issues appear to be complete and in Good to VG+ condition. All 25issues as a lot for $37.00

[Leval, Lewis] PAINT THE ROSES RED. (DVD) The1914.com, 2012. New. Now offered at $18.00

Lorayne, Harry. HOW TO PERFORM FEATS OF MATHEMATICAL WIZARDRY. (Book) New York, Harry Lorayne, Inc., 2006. 202pp., illus., 8vo. Paperbound. Outside corners are a bit roughed, o/w VG+. Now only $32.00

MacDougall, Mickey. MACDOUGALL ON DICE AND CARDS: MODERN RULES, ODDS, HINTS AND WARNINGS FOR CRAPS, POKER, GIN RUMMY AND BLACKJACK. (Book) New York, Coward-McCann, 1944. 90pp., illus., 12mo. Green cloth. Former owner name label on front endpaper; o/w VG. Now offered at $9.00

Malmont, Paul. THE CHINATOWN DEATH CLOUD PERIL. (Fiction with a Magic Related Theme.) New York, Simon & Schuster, 2006. First edition. Like new condition in dj.371pp., 8vo. Cloth/boards in dust jacket. A fascinating look at the early years of pulp fiction, including stories about Walter Gibson, the mind behind The Shadow, one of the two main pulp fiction authors in the book. Now offered at $14.00

Maxwell, Mike. MICHAEL SKINNERs ULTIMATE 3 CARD MONTE. (Book and Cards) Tahoma, L & L Publishing, 1990. Second edition. 20pp., illus., 8vo. Pictorial wraps. Includes specially printed cards in vinyl carrying case – all in original plastic packaging. As new. Now offered at $21.00

Mendoza, John F. THE "EXCELLENCE" OF DAN FLESHMAN. (Book) O'Fallon, IL, Tom Westerheide, 1983. 95pp., illus., 4to. Plastic comb bound. Near fine. Now only $18.00

Miller, Hugh. A POCKETFUL OF MIRACLES. (Book) London, Harry Stanley, n.d. 128pp., illus., index, 8vo. Red cloth. A fine copy. Now offered at $7.00

Miller, Hugh (ed.) RINK’S MAGIC FROM HOLLAND. (Book) London, Harry Stanley, n.d. 255pp., illus., index, 8vo. Rebound in black pebbled cloth with gold stamping on the spine. Copies on AbeBooks are offered in the $50-100.00 range w/o the nice binding, but this copy now offered for only $24.00

Mussey, Barrows. MAGIC. (Book) New York, A.S. Barnes and Company. 1942. 83pp., b&w photos, 8vo. Cloth. Lower back edge of spine has a ¼ inch scuff/chip, o/w cover is bright and VG. Now offered at $9.00

Nelson, Earl. VARIATIONS. (Book) Los Angeles, Mark Wilson Publications, 1979. 137pp., illus., 8vo. Maroon cloth. Rubbed lightly along front edge of spine and scuffed a bit at lower extremities, but overall VG+. Now offered at $24.00

Osterlind, Richard. RICHARD OSTERLIND’S MIND MYSTERIES GUIDE BOOK - VOLUME 6: MIND MYSTERIES TOO THE POWER OF PRESENTATION. (Book) (Colchester, CT) Osterlind Mysteries, 2011. First edition. 121pp., illus., 8vo. Paperbound. New. Retails for $30.00, now offered at $5.00

Page, Patrick. BELL'S BOOK OF MAGIC. (Book) New York, Bell Publishing, n.d. 140pp., illus., 8vo. Boards in dj. Dj is lightly worn and rubbed at edges; former owner bookplate; o/w VG. Now offered at $9.00

Reum, Dr. Earl L. and Lindsay E. Smith. COMMUNICATING WITH MAGIC: THE SPEAKER'S GUIDE TO MAGIC, THE MAGICIAN'S GUIDE TO SPEAKING (including the complete text of Earl Reum's MAGIC FOR THE CIVIC CLUB. (Book) Littleton, CO, Reum & Smith Books, 2002. 103pp., illus., 8vo. Paperbound. Now offered at $5.00

Rice, Harold R. ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SILK MAGIC, VOLUMES 1 - 3. Plus Mark Trimble’s Volume 4, Plus the INDEX TO VOLUMES 1-2-3. Four Book Set). Wynnewood, PA/Cincinnati, OH, Silk King Studios, 1948/1966/1962 respectively. 1,542pp., illus., 8vo. Dj missing on Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Vol. 3, o/w VG. Plus INDEX TO VOLUMES 1-2-3. Cincinnati, 1981. 39pp., 8vo. Wraps. PLUS...ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SILK MAGIC, VOLUME 4 by Mark Trimble and Timothy Sonefelt. (Boston/Paramount City, CA), Hank Lee's Magic Factory/Magic City, 1993. (310pp., + 94pp./1,543-1,844 and 1-94), illus., multiple indices to all four volumes, 8vo. Cloth in dj. VG+. All four volumes, separate Index offered as a lot at $99.00

[Royal Magic] NEWTON’S NIGHTMARE. (Trick/Puzzle) A blend of sorcery and science. Includes a 10” aluminum tube and brass weight. Weight falls easily and visibly through the tube, then ever so slowly on the next time through. New – still sealed in original packaging. Now offered at $12.00

[Sankey, Jay] HOLY MOLY. (Trick) Comes with a set of four specially machined metal washers and complete instructions for both a “super simple” and more sophisticated handling. In original packaging. Retails for $20.00…now only $14.00

Schenk, Uwe and M. Sondermeyer. MAGIC OF PAUL POTASSY OR HOW TO LIVE LIKE A MILLIONAIRE WITH JUST SIX SCARVES, THIRTY RAZOR BLADES AND A GREAT HAIRCUT. (Book) Humble, TX, H & R Magic, 2005. Translated and edited by Richard Hatch. 220pp., illus., 8vo. Cloth in dj. New. Now offered at $40.00

Schindler, George. MAGIC WITH EVERYDAY OBJECTS – OVER 150 TRICKS ANYONE CAN DO AT THE DINNER TABLE. (Book) New York, Dorsett Press, 1988. 240pp., illus., bibliog., index, 8vo. Cloth/boards in dj. Former owner name label inside, o/w VG+. Now offered at $12.00

Schlutz, Ryan. MAKING THE CUT – A PEEK INTO THE MAGIC OF RYAN SCHLUTZ. (Book) n.pl., Ryan Schlutz, 2011. First edition. 137pp., illus., 4to. Pictorial boards. New. Now offered at $32.00

Severn, Bill. BILL SEVERN'S MAGIC WORKSHOP. (Book) New York, Henry Z. Walck, 1976. 176pp., illus., index, 8vo. Cloth. Panels of the original dust jacket has been trimmed and laid in; o/w VG+. Now offered at $9.00

Thompson, Frank. THE COLD DECK. (Book) Watertown, Magic Art Book Company, 1976, First edition. 10pp., + fold-out illus., 8vo. Wraps. Fine $6.00

York, Scott. SCOTT YORK: COINS. (Book) San Francisco, Busby-Corwin, 1975. 43pp., illus., 8vo. Plastic comb bound. Smudge spot inside front cover, o/w VG. Now offered at $6.00

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